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So many of our new users seem intimidated by WordPress, being the app we use to run this blog section of our website. It’s not that complicated, but we’re here to help.


FOR NEW VISITORS, simply click the any of the many links on top (pages) or links within the columns on right or left. One thing which is not readily apparent. As you might often enter at Home, you see several articles or excerpts of those articles. To read ONLY a certain article, simply click it’s Title.


REGISTRATION is simple enough, done by a link always available at the top of the Right Column. Your Registration is saved, so you need do that only once, just remember your password. Once Registered, you are a Member and, when Logged In, your UserName will show and you’ll have more privileges here.


Initially, you become a Contributor, thus authorized to comment and to access your Dashboard which provides you with additional tools, including links to Comment and Edit below each article which you loaded separately. Remember, these are available only to Registered Users who are Logged in. If your UserName shows, you are both Registered and Logged In; otherwise click the appropriate Link.


So those are the basics. Much more information and help is in the WordPress Codex. Don’t worry, it will open in a new tab; you’ll not need hunt your way back here. In the Codex you’ll find several sections — newbies might best start with WordPress for Beginners (scroll down from the top a bit).  Not to worry, you’ll not be spending your life there!


Back here on No-Ruler, there are many other useful Links with “Pages” (please read!) across the top, and the columns on both sides. Have as much fun as you can stand!  Those “Pages” define our philosophy and goals — if you agree with the substance of that, you’ve found a new “home”.


Your participation is important to us! As we so much appreciate new members, please know we’re most willing to help with your questions. If you bump into something which just doesn’t work right, please let us know with a Comment. We’ll respond as soon as possible, usually the same day.

Enjoy the ride!

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