No Government, No Force


The objective here at is NOT to restructure tyranny, but to replace FedGov, and indeed all GOVERNMENTS OF FORCE, at all the several levels, with a Voluntary System.

NoRuler is not here to debate about “saving” government, tinkering to make “better”, or “amending” the Constitution which has failed to preserve Liberty. Therefore a Constitutional Convention today would merely add greatly to The Force of Collectivism. The majority of Americana have been naively brainwashed into blindly accepting that Marx’ “greater good” is somehow superior to Mankind’s Right to Life.

One way or another, we must slam the doors in D.C., close it’s overdrawn checking account, and ReStart without Force. If there is to be a Federal (national) government at all, it must be strictly limited to the defense of our Nation, with NO powers over the States or the citizenry.

Next Step — read Essence and Collapse, What Then?

If the shoe fits, Wear It!; Join Us and Participate!

Join us BEFORE the inevitable Great Collapse.

ReStarting with a Voluntary System can be so much happier, but it’s best to discuss and plan before we hit the Abyss. If the survivors were to once again repeat the historic mistake of forming yet another GOVERNment to Force and Rule it’s “citizens”, to wage War, and to subject WE people to the whims of both the politicians and of the “majority, this may very well accomplish the extinction of Human Life or even all life upon our Planet Earth.

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