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Best for Today

All I am going to do for today is pass along three good links, all related to libertarian philosophy.  There is enough thinking within those to keep you busy… and thinking! By Ron Paul – “Why They Hate Peace” By Walter E. Block – “Both Left and Right are Guilty” By John P. McKaskey – […]

Debunking Free Market Materialism

Gary Galles at
While freedom allows greater output to be produced, that does not make it materialistic. It is more likely that the persistent denial of the fruits of one’s labor to individuals in alternative, coercive systems makes people, of necessity, far more materialistic in focus.”

The source article begins with a myriad of “quoted proof” for Gary’s summary, which is the portion published on our post.

BBC: US budget: Talks go on as government shutdown looms BBC North America editor Mark Mardell notes that while President Obama has made it clear a shutdown would damage the fragile US economic recovery, it would also do huge damage to the already battered image of Washington politicians. Obama said in a statement that the US government could not continue to operate on a […]

Gary North: No Questions, Sir!

“NO QUESTIONS, SIR!” by Gary North, at Date 9/10/2009 I will now make an assertion: You have no major questions about the economy, unemployment, retirement, inflation, deflation, depression, the possible collapse of the dollar, real estate, or gold. Am I wrong? Then call my bluff. Send me a question. I’ll answer it. If you […] – Economic Forecast is ‘Smoother’ than Reality – Chief Treasury Economist Says White House Economic Forecast is ‘Smoother’ than Can Be Expected in Reality. (entire article reposted here – please comment!) Alan B. Krueger, U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy Tuesday, September 08, 2009 By Matt Cover ( – Alan Krueger, assistant secretary for economic policy and chief […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme