No Government, No Force

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Personal Secession for Liberty Now

WHEREAS you have never given any government your signed consent and permission to rule and control you, thus all governments are nothing but illegal intrusions upon your life, Which you can and should DENY!

THEREFORE, you can and you should simply secede from all levels of government as you desire, declaring as your own Estate all properties owned, seceding along with your family and those within your personal circle of friends and allies.

Why wait for your State to muddle around about Secession?? Why wait for your State to decide to Secede?? Your state is quite likely to merely assume the Federal role of oppressor. Why then should you have to redesign your state just to have Liberty?

Personal Secession THE TIME IS NOW!

The Logger and the New Math

  This is just in from an email, otherwise isn’t about anything special; just the same old everyday stuff that people tolerate and ignore, accepting it as “what is.?? If it were funny it’d be called a joke, but… It will open some eyes. tho’, if one cares to think about what happens when you […]

Somaliland leader calls for war on Shebab

HARGEISA, 30 October 2009 (Somalilandpress)? The leader of Somalia”s breakaway self-declared state of Somaliland called on Thursday for war against the hardline Shebab rebels as the region marked one year since deadly suicide attacks. Twenty-four people were killed in the October 29, 2008 multiple blasts that ripped through the presidential palace, Ethiopia’s diplomatic compound and […]

Welcome to No-Ruler, Living without Force

Our No-Ruler website is all about the period of anarchy ahead when the ongoing economic collapse completes the destruction of America. Opportunity lies ahead for any survivors to deny any GOVERNment at all, or one which is totally voluntary, in other words without the use of Force. It may be safest to simply not bother, and stick with Anarchy (no government, no ruler, independence, self-reliance and the free market). © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme