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“Democracy is Pure Fantasy”: Trump vs. Clinton in November

By Stephen Lendman — Global Research, June 08, 2016
It’s all over but the postmortems. Trump and Clinton are their parties’ presumptive nominees. Choice for voters in November amounts to death by hanging or firing squad.

Democracy is pure fantasy. None whatever exists. Trump was the last GOP aspirant left standing after all others dropped out, an unlikely choice, a surprise winner, prevailing despite party bosses opposing him.

Nullification — 10th Amendment Center

… a good explanation of nullification, worthwhile but only might be useful for one item at a time. There are SO many issues (or “laws”) each of which must be addressed by many States, which would take an unfathomable amount of time and effort, would it not?

The good thing is that at least it’s a viable Action, while there are so few actions available.

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