No Government, No Force

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BBC: US budget: Talks go on as government shutdown looms BBC North America editor Mark Mardell notes that while President Obama has made it clear a shutdown would damage the fragile US economic recovery, it would also do huge damage to the already battered image of Washington politicians. Obama said in a statement that the US government could not continue to operate on a […]

To all Members – Edit your Profiles

I’m sorry to ask this of you, but WordPress triggered a couple of recent problems. At the top-left bar on this page you’ll see your username.  Hover there for a sec and you’ll see “Edit my Profile” – right-click on that and choose “open in a new tab” Then on the top line “Visual Editor […]

The price of Gas versus Printer Ink

All these examples do NOT imply that gasoline is cheap; it just illustrates how outrageous some prices are…. You will be really shocked by the last one! (At least, I was…) Compared with Gasoline…… Think a gallon of gas is expensive? This makes one think, and also puts things in perspective. Diet Snapple 16 oz […]

Gary North: No Questions, Sir!

“NO QUESTIONS, SIR!” by Gary North, at Date 9/10/2009 I will now make an assertion: You have no major questions about the economy, unemployment, retirement, inflation, deflation, depression, the possible collapse of the dollar, real estate, or gold. Am I wrong? Then call my bluff. Send me a question. I’ll answer it. If you […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme