No Government, No Force

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BBC: US budget: Talks go on as government shutdown looms BBC North America editor Mark Mardell notes that while President Obama has made it clear a shutdown would damage the fragile US economic recovery, it would also do huge damage to the already battered image of Washington politicians. Obama said in a statement that the US government could not continue to operate on a […]

ARE Americans practicing Communism?

Source: This entire article is presented here for two reasons: Communism and socialism differ only in their degree of usurping freedom.  Once socialism has completed it’s REgressive objectives, the end result is total communism; mankind is nothing except servant of the state. In our coming US election we see Obama/Biden as being the most […]

Down the Tubes

This began as a comment to a Digg thread pitching Ron Paul, a popular thread which needed expansion and action beyond what I had posted there. All of us many problems, but solutions are all over the map and not much is viable.  We are deep into economic collapse, our greenback will take a huge […]

Tax Strike

Okay, will try to make this short ‘n sweet, but there’s a lot to say!  If you just don’t get this, perhaps you need to study other pages here on Morality101 and participate in this blogger! Without doubt, this collapse will wipe us out. The unfunded tax refund payout in May, along with current tinkering […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme