No Government, No Force

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Universal Truth Depends on What Universe You Live In

Groups represent human fellowship and are therefore nearly always morally superior to individuals. Groups that exist for purposes that advance the common good are morally justified in using the power of the group to circumvent the power of mere individuals. This includes confiscating the assets of wealthy individuals … The laws of my perceptual universe […]

Seeking to understand immigration and national borders

Much noise is made about immigration; legal and illegal, about defending or opening national borders, and about the horrors of NAFTA and NWO and blah-blah. All are real issues; this submission is perhaps a small beginning for discussion. True freedom of individual around the world is always the first consideration. Striker: Simply opening this issue […]

Morality101 – the plain simple way to rationality

The USA is plunging headlong down the tubes into economic collapse.  It all stems from immoral premises.  Morality is not the sole province of religions, it is instead the simple assertion of individual rights and freedoms. The cause is irrational morality restricting freedom & personal rights. altruistic/socialist do-gooders want money stolen via taxation for “the […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme