No Government, No Force

Tag: Individual-Sovereignty

Government Law is a Racket

”if you support a State to exist to rule over my life, my person, my property, my labor and my contracts, and
whose agents or employees are empowered to use threats and coercion against me
if I don’t obey their rules regarding what they think I should do with
my life, my person and property, and my labor and contracts
(rules which go beyond ‘don’t aggress, don’t violate other people’s persons or property,’ etc.), then I find it very difficult to say that you are a libertarian.”


This is a repost of the full article “PEOPLE or CITIZEN WHICH ONE ARE YOU?” from the amazing website which displays a mind-boggling understanding of Common Law. The Title might have instead been called simply “Individual Sovereignty”. This is reposted because it’s important, yet when originally published here, was somehow missed by most everyone. © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme