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China Dumps Dollar as U.S. Printing Presses Roll

As the printing presses keep spitting out money as fast as they can run, China’s treasury minister has just announced that they intend to rid themselves of 2/3 of our treasury bonds they hold…2 Trillion dollars worth!

Congress is sweating over cutting a mere $38 billion while the debt is rising at over $100 billion a month. Does that make sense to you?

Gary North: Which Flation will Get Us?

WHICH FLATION WILL GET US? from Date 9/8/2009 Issue 109 One of them will. That’s if things work out really well. Two or three will if things go according to the Austrian theory of the business cycle. Americans have been living in the eye of the monetary hurricane. Prices have been stable. In July, […]

Juror Brooks: No Tax Law, Acquitted

Here is another video, of juror Marcy Brooks, about serving on a jury which said “not guilty” to charges of not filing income taxes, because there is NO LAW requiring same.  Not filing is protected under the 4th and 5th Amendments.  Please note that not filing is far different than filing (which is your admission […]

End Inflation and Take Back Our Money

Many people don’t realize that inflation doesn’t have to exist. We’ve heard it all of our lives and think it is just part of having money, but it’s not. The reason we have inflation is because of the Federal Reserve. Repeal the Federal Reserves Charter and you end inflation, the deficit and the downward spiral […]

The Collapse of the World Banking System

Recent events surrounding the failure of Indy-Mac banks have caused quite a stir in the financial markets. Of course our federal government has assured all of us that they will intervene and shore up the failing financial institution to the tune of approx. $10 billion dollars. The amount itself is staggering, and of course we […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme