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The Most Important Veto In U.S. History

President Andrew Jackson (despite his faults) did deliver the most important veto in U.S. history when he squashed the central bank at the time, the Second Bank of The United States.


For those who are new to learning about the evils of central banking, it’s important to understand that The Federal Reserve was not the first central bank in the U.S. It’s just the one that stuck and was not weeded out early enough. The Fed was able to dig its roots in at a ripest moment imaginable (i.e., the early 1900?s, when American public opinion tipped into the desire for statism).

Secrets of the Cyprus Heist

Let me show you why the plunder of Cyprus is probably one of the most
brilliant acts of wholesale theft the world has ever known, why the
stolen treasure may be thousands of times greater than has been
suggested, and why the names of the victims, and the full value of the
loot, will remain a mystery forever.

In the days of wooden ships and iron men, colonial empires pillaged
entire populations. At sea, independent traders, merchantmen, privateers
and pirates (broadly, those who operated without paying tribute to to
one crown or another) were masters at avoiding the powerful warships of
unfriendly nations. Of great importance in this effort was knowing which
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