No Government, No Force

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Voluntary System: “The List”

…The other way is to replace this whole huge mess with a Voluntary System. The coming Great Collapse should seen this bankrupt government powerless to continue, and finally just closing it’s doors. At that point WE will be free to proceed without concerning ourselves with the same old failed ways. In other words, suddenly there are no Rulers in power!

Divided We Stand

I come here this morning with no intention of? reviving the much-deserved criticism of President George W Bush and Republicans ranging from so-called conservatives to neo-cons to? RINO’s? to plain simple braindeads.? I’ll say only that their policies of war and debt triggered the 2006 public rejection and the switch to the Democrats. Nothing really […]

Collectivism, aka Hurting Yourself

Loud and Clear, America’s Declaration of Independence asserts the people’s Right to Life, Liberty and Happiness. I like to believe that most Americans treasure those principles. It’s unfortunate that these hallowed words are not the essence of the Constitution which ensued. It’s very unsettling to see the acceleration of the century-long efforts toward trashing these […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme