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Posting Tips

Know that your first Comment and/or your first Post triggers a request for Admin approval.  They’ll normally be approved ASAP (sometimes I’m slow, tho), altho articles promoting even MORE government Force will never see the light of day!  Login to your Dashboard and open “Posts” (that has some options).

At least for now, we’re using WordPress; Authors have some bits of extra work to do.  These are the things which are essential to spreading the word!

PERMALINK will appear after you enter a title, and then shows the path which will become your URL (aka Link).  If you click “Edit” beside the created Permalink and add just a space after the showing text, the SLUG item in the right column will autofill for you.
Wordpress must have some reason for the extra step, but danged if I know what!

SEO — (is presently automatic).   IGNORE this paragraph for now.  If we should choose to install a manual SEO plugin, it will appear below the article window, and instructions will be added here. Note only that SEO (“Search Engine Optimization) is essential if you want work found by search engines.  If we see that somehow “automatic” doesn’t get the job done we’ll add instructions here.

EXCERPTS are used both to show (the newest articles and more) on the home page, and also are used as the body text when you… EMAIL USERS (by which you easily notify all members here).  Try to use about 6 lines of text to summarize your Post, with an eye to maximizing reader interest, so that readers will click to read your full article.  If you wish, you can e.g. copy/paste a key phrase from your post.

DISCUSSION is checked by default, but it’s okay to uncheck either/both if you feel the need.

SEND TRACKBACKS — if you are reposting something from another website, it’s always good to let them know!  Simply copy/paste the link of the original article(source), and perhaps also other links within your post.  Please respect copyrights always; original writers deserve credit for their efforts just as you do!

Then the RIGHT COLUMN is pretty much explained as you proceed.  You can “Save Draft” as often as needed, and “Preview” until you are happy with what appears.  Hit “Publish” ONLY after everything is completed, so finish reading this to the end!

AUTHOR is automatic based on your Login.

SLUG is unnecessary; with permalinks it is just redundant

FEATURED IMAGE is rather important, as it will appear beside posts in view mode, and sometimes in search engine results.  It will automatically bring up “Media” which is another jungle LOL.  The only way of learning that is to USE it!

Both TAGS and CATEGORIES should be chosen and have *something* entered – on both you can choose from existing (simply click the sub-link to see those), and can add *new* for either.

Finally at the bottom is the SHARING options, probably best to leave them as they are.  After every post (after Publishing, that is) Sharing shows some certain sites good to share to, and many others available with a click.  This is the way to Spread the Word, but it does takes time for each and every website we might choose to Share with.  It’s easiest to Share with websites to which you are already Registered.

OKAY, now you’re set to click PUBLISH!

The final step is to “EMAIL USERS” (at top of right column), which is easy!  A tip is to  simply hold the <CTRL> / <SHIFT> and select all categories OR all users (unless you wish to leave out someone(s)).  The SENT link is at the bottom.

We hope these tips will help you post articles here on No-Ruler; however, should you run into a problem that you are unable to solve, please leave a comment HERE for us, and we will help in any way we can, and you may see something here which needs clarification.

I was asked by a Member eMail, ”Why do I have to re-write my post to send to all the Members of No-Ruler? That’s why I don’t use that section because I have to repeat what I already posted to e mail them!” This post was written to HELP you understand the posting process. I’ve spent years to learn this stuff, and I still don’t claim to know it all, but this post is not my own mandates, but are the standard tools necessary for successful writers. The short answer is “You don’t HAVE to do anything, but if you don’t, your post will be lacking the key elements which enable it to get spread around, both to fellow Members AND to the search engines.” Hey, you can write the best article ever, but if nobody is notified and doesn’t see what you write, then why bother writing it at all? I will answer about the specifics in a Reply to this, which I will then try to incorporate into this “Posting Tips” Page.

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