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The Libertarian Creed: Below is only the beginning of a quote from Murray Rothbard.

‘THE LIBERTARIAN CREED rests upon one central axiom: that no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else. This may be called the “nonaggression axiom.” “Aggression” is defined as the initiation of the use or threat of physical violence against the person or property of anyone else. Aggression is therefore synony¬≠mous with invasion.’

While that Creed says much, clarification and elaboration is necessary. The essence of the Libertarian ethic is not at all complex, but it does require concentration to consider all it’s implications!

  • Each Person shall have all rights which do not intrude upon the equal and parallel rights of any other Person.
  • No Person, nor entity nor government, shall be empowered to infringe nor restrict the rights of the any other Person
  • The right to life of each and every Person is absolute.
  • It follows then, that all Persons shall have the right to sustain their lives to whatever good extent each desires.
  • To so sustain that life, all Person’s rights to private property of all nature, including body and mind, shall be total and without reservation.
  • Thus having all rights, it is the corresponding responsibility of each Person to care for self, family and property family, without intrusion upon any other.
  • Interactions and associations between persons, entities and governments shall be entirely voluntary, without force or collusion, for the mutual benefit of all.

Years after my discovery of Ayn Rand and Objectivism, about 1976 I poured much time and effort in helping to establish the Libertarian Party in Arizona.

Unfortunately, while Libertarian philosophy is an extension of Objectivist morals and clearly correct, we libertarians have dawdled along and seem far more interested in philosophical musings than active pursuit of morality via the sorry USA political process. Thus although I remain a registered Libertarian and believe that it’s our only political hope, it seems the opportunity is long lost.

Part of the problem is surely the entrenched two-party political structure. No “3rd Party” has accomplished any real stature over my entire lifetime. Voting for the lesser of any of the current 3 evils, all of whom want government force and argue only about how it should be applied. So I gave up on voting after making the mistake of helping vote in Bush2 as the lesser of 2 evils in 2000.

I hope to edit this to completion later.

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  1. First, welcome, and always glad to see a new Member get active, Mary.

    I remember voting my first time, just a city election it was, at age 21 after I escaped the Army. In a city new to me, and I didn’t know any of the candidates. I realized that day there was a whole lot more to voting, and ever since some part of my life was “boning” up, being politically active, and I voted ever after.

    Now I’m age 77 and have come to see that all of us are but one small voice in a political wilderness, and our options not our own, but are put before us by the very people who run the Parties and make the Rules. Never is there an option to vote “none-of-the-above”, and e.g. Bill Clinton became President despite having less than a majority — no runoff. Then we look around and see the Dem/Rep monopoly serving up merely Obama & Romney with 98% of our fellow-citizens voting for more collectivist Force; the ultimate evil now solidly controls and calls itself the “majority” and claims they have some nebulous “right” to run our lives.

    We are but one vote amongst some 150 million, so what are the odds?

  2. I am very sorry you gave up voting, even if for the “lesser evil.” I do vote, no matter if the choice is poor. This next pres election, I may have to even write in a name.

    If enough citizens stop voting, don’t you realize that privilege will be taken from us? Imagine what it might entail to gain it back! If it were even possible.

    It is a sorry pass in a nation when enough of its citizens won’t do necessary thing and bring in the Libertarian party as a reality. I think the number of citizens who would want that is there but just keep vainly hoping to change politics within the status quo. What is it going to take to motivate us?

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