No Government, No Force


(edited 11 Sep 2015)
In the real world of the Private Sector, consisting of individuals Force is defined as the non-consensual act of taking or harming one’s life or property, whether murder, rape, theft, robbery, extortion or etc., such acts being both immoral and unlawful.

But Govern is defined: to Compel, constrain, or oblige (someone) to do something, in other words, Force is somehow moral and lawful if Government does it?? We say NO!

Consider the essential differences between business and GOVERNment. Businesses produce goods and services to fulfill needs and desires as freely chosen by the individual. Therefore businesses earn income which is recycled to continue that fulfillment.

If the business is successful, it grows to provide more benefits to more people. If the business makes profits with which it may invent new goods and services which provide new benefits to the people. If the business is not successful and profitable, it will eventually cease to exist, having lost it’s customers to competitors offering better goods, services and/or prices/value.

In a truly free market (yes, shudder, Capitalism!) all transactions are Voluntary and occur only when they provide of mutual benefit to both business and customer. This results from either consumer acceptance of a vendor’s price and terms, or from negotiation between parties. Without mutual agreement no transaction occurs, for the business cannot force the consumer to buy, nor can the consumer force the business to sell, except at the price and terms it offers. 

This occurs on all levels, from giant corporations thru the lone private entrepreneur the entire spectrum to the Consumer, and both receive the ultimate benefits.

Even though governments pretend to function as businesses, they are not. Governments produce nothing and have no income, being funded only by whatever they steal, by Force, from You, and from all of we the government’s Subjects (subtly designated “citizens”, implanting the “pride factor”).  Having no assets which might be called governments own,  anything done by government can be accomplished only by stealing (taking by Force) the money, the property, and finally even the lives, of it’s citizens.

Governments survive only via theft or extortion, by taxation; by creating fiat money, or by creating pseudo-businesses which sell licenses or permits which become “regulations”.  Governments do lease or sell land and rights to minerals and passage, such property having been acquired by either War, or by taking by Force from it’s rightful Owners, or by purchase by using money stolen from the Citizens.  Governments also sell “privileges”, to use that which already belongs  to another which are already the innate natural belongings of all men. Government wrongfully claims ownership of all these things, but all were in fact taken by Force from the private sector under one guise or another. Government acts to legitimize it’s actions are usually called Regulations, made into “Laws”.

In the private sector, Force is illegal and subject to criminal penalties. Force is always the tool of criminals. Yes, I said Force… stealing, wrongful taking, extortion, rape, murder and all other fashion of molesting humanity. But in the public arena called government, Force is “legal” — how can that be? How can Force be immoral and illegal when between private persons and entities, yet is perfectly “legal” if government uses Force against you?

This renders virtually all governments criminal!? Are they much different than the Mafia? Well, yes, when government claims to have “The Law” as it’s justification while punishing the criminals for those very same things! Why do the people allow such criminal activity?  It’s done by allowing themselves to be Governed, as all governments exist with powers of Force attached.

All this has vast implications far beyond being just a drunken block party. The Force of governments is seen every minute of every day at every level, whether Town or County or Nation or “United Nations” — over this entire planet.  These are always made “legal” by a constitution and/or passing a law or regulation or some other such nonsense. Because those are “The Law”, every citizen is supposed to obey and accept that item of Force mere because “it is writ”, and because humans are charged with worshipping the “rule of law!  Nonsense!

Just because “it’s the law” does not make any connection between the Law and Reason. If you believe that “WE” own this government, try asking them for your fair share; try selling your share when you have not even a piece of paper representing your share — not a deed, not a contract, not a bill of sale. Whatever they have stolen from you will never ever be seen again. If you don’t begin to “get it” by now, best read more about what’s real Morality, because you’re not nearly ready for the big-time.

Understand that every cent the government spends must first be STOLEN from YOU. The more schemes government enacts, the more it will cost you. This is not theft, it is Armed Robbery, it is taken by Force. If you wish not to believe that, just try to refuse. You are not asked, you are TOLD, and if you don’t obey your Ruler will surely send someone to your door, with a gun, pretending to be “authorized” to use Fines, Jail or Deadly Force to ensure your compliance. “Authorized” by whom?  Were you and I even asked for our consent?

Go back to Morality and check to see if that might compromise your Right to Life. In the real world of life and the living, society has come to agree that Force is wrong, and has made laws declaring that Force is illegal and has set penalties for using Force… penalties heavier for murder than for burgling your neighbors flowerbed in the night, but always penalties. How, then, can this same society “elect” governments of Force, when the only difference is that government Force is somehow “legal”?

Even worse, governments are delegated to have even more power, more Force, by a simple majority of it’s congress and a swipe of the President’s pen. No approval of the citizens is necessary. No protection for any person, nor of any minority, nor anyone with good reason to disagree. A government of collectivists which gives lip service to liberty, but rejects liberty at every turn  It may not intend to kill you, but as surely as they are killing America, so are they killing you, removing one bit of Liberty after another. Those who reject Force and practice the morality of liberty must prevail; Your only alternative is Death.

If you continue to pay taxes or support governments of Force in any way, you abandon, compromise and eventually forfeit your Right to Life. You must refuse; you must withdraw; you must have the courage to spread the word. At the very least you must teach those within your circle why they should do likewise. You will find many more ears as we continue the slide into the abyss of economic collapse.

If you cannot accept Liberty, then you are party to the end of America. Beyond that, if we appreciate Liberty but fail to insist upon it, we lose a bit more each time. It seems that one of the tricks of governments is their making it difficult, expensive. largely impossible and even “illegal” to protect your Liberty. Because each encroachment upon our Right to Life endangers everyone, we must reject it or we will surely lose some part of our lives. When you have finally lost too much of your life, you are what?? OH NO, not DEAD!! Really!!

Political Force is wholly intentional, and those who tolerate Force must be the stupid ones! If you can read this, you are a human being; a part of all humanity, and “blessed” with our uniquely human “intelligence”.  Do you really believe Force upon humanity is moral and acceptable? History has shown from it’s beginning that all governments and empires, kings, queens and lords, dictators of all fashion, eventually FAIL!

The answer is so simple. If one must have a government, first find a new word when does not include GOVERN. Then make your new entity Voluntary, completely voluntary, IOW disallowed Force!

Most would understand that War is Force. If there is to be a War, let it be fought by volunteers — those who are willing the be sacrificed for a price, and let it be paid for by voluntary contributions. Might wars become fewer, and smaller? War is far beyond the simple act of self-defense.  Consider WHO MAKES WARS?  Can War be triggered by some lone individual acting perhaps with a few friends?   Ha, not a “really good war”!  Wars are the exclusive tools of Governments which control Nations and it’s People, all by Force. 

Collectivism is also Force. For those who MUST have collectivism, simply remove the Force by making participation voluntary. If a thing cannot be accomplished except by Force, is that not sufficient to prove it’s a bad idea which should never be inflicted upon the unwilling? Every human is born with the ability to think and to Reason. Yes, some Reason better than others, but that characteristic is unique to humanity.

By accepting that “somebody” needs to “Rule” one denies his own mind, and his own worth. Force is nothing but a bad habit. Break it!  

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