No Government, No Force


Morality is simply a small bundle of principles which are necessarily the foundation upon which all else must rest. If you look at almost any politician in FedGov, do you see any who stand on a Foundation of Principle? If any one thing is causing the fall of America, this is IT!! Especially true for us who are joining now to define the Voluntary System, this must always be the first and primary consideration.

LIFE: Everything must rest and rely upon a most Basic Principle. Every man has, and must have, his Natural Right to Life, for without Life he does not exist. It follows then that each man does and must OWN his Natural Right to have, sustain and enhance his Life, Liberty, Happiness and Prosperity. Today so many sidestep this essential, yet without this foundation, our house cannot stand and will surely fall upon us all.

RIGHTS: Artificial non-living Entities such as governments, organizations, corporations, etc. can neither claim to own the rights of another, nor have any rightful power to negate or detract from those Natural Rights of any Man.

One step more. “Privileges” are not Rights. Privileges can granted only at the expense of the benefactor. Is it working that way today?

Why Choose Force?

FORCE: If you can agree that Force is inhumane, but believe that some circumstances are exceptions, check your premises! A truth consistently remains true; if otherwise it is False.  If Force is inhumane, then it is always inhumane.  So why do humans repeatedly create governments exempted from that morality? Why are governments allowed to force e.g. by taxes, conscription, regulation of free markets, definition or religions, what one may or may not own or must own? Why are they given the power to define whom and or in what manner man must or may associate with? The list is long — what is consistent with truth?

This is the sum of my now-76 years of trying to think without the shackles. If you see something incorrect in any of this, help us get it right!?

Thanks for any input!? Dean Striker



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