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There are many changes here at No-Ruler.  Coming in from bad link, usually an old bookmark, will bring you to this page.  We have replaced our emal address from to simply (Note, without the “-“.  So change your bookmarks to or to any other page within that you actually FOUND and like!


Folders /blog/ and /members/ no longer exist and will bring you back to this message.  Worse, repeated attempts to those will get you BLOCKED!   ANY attempt to Login as “Admin” WILL get you PERMANENTLY BLOCKED.


You can read whatever you wish here, BUT you MUST be Registered and Logged In to Post or Comment.  We would really like more posts and comments from our Members! 

But, if you have managed to get yourself blocked, forget about us!


This website was under hacker-attack for about 4 months, happily that was about a year ago.   now.  Many of those have come from CHINA, RUSSIA and POLAND, so I have blocked all from those countries.  I also block spammers, sploggers and those who promote collectivism in any form, a.k.a. “progressives”.  Collectivism is NOT progressive, it is death!

Legitimate Users are most welcome here; Registration is necessary for only for those who wish to write articles or make comments.  If you are a registered user experiencing problems, eMail me using Sriker [at] noruler [dot] net and I’ll fix it within a day.  Otherwise, we are notified of the ISP# of those who are bounced to this page, so 3 times and you’re out.

These words to the wise must suffice.  We have much work ahead here, and welcome your participation with both comments and with new articles  Sorry, but the nuisances have wasted way too much of everyone’s time, so get it right, PLEASE!

Thank you, Dean Striker

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