No Government, No Force

Month: February 2013

What is the single worst thing America has done to destroy itself?

Our country was founded upon freedom from oppression. Are we still free from oppression? How oppressive are taxes? How oppressive are laws defining behavior? How oppressive are dictates by Presidents and agencies that are not representative of the people’s wishes? Is America actually a free country.

Reconstructing Obama’s Columbia Transcript

from American Thinker
Jason Kissner recently questioned President Obama’s whereabouts in spring 1982, and also discussed in passing some of the courses Obama took while at Columbia. In response, I would like to try my hand at reconstructing the Columbia part of Obama’s college transcript based on the published record and my own knowledge of Columbia’s requirements as an ’84 graduate of the college. This reconstruction may be of interest to those who are curious about this part of Obama’s undergraduate education, and it may also shed light on where Obama must have been in spring 1982.
The original post continues with calculation of Obama’s likely credits..

Movement to Dissolve Government

Societies on Planet Earth evolved in different places, all rather unique in geography and climate, and all with disparities of race, religion, and language. As the populations grew, they naturally expanded, and when one group finally bumped into another, communication was too difficult, thus the territorial nature of humans arose.

Barons and kings and emperors and all manner of tyrants evolved…

Interesting Networking Links

I found this list at It had no label, but judging from the names, I would assume many, perhaps most, of them are of the political left in America. I am speculating that everyone of them is into fundraising and is classified as tax exempt. I am posting them here for reference. Hope someone finds the list helpful.

The Ethics of Repudiation

­Certainly this applies to most nations, but this is specifically about America and the stupendous National Debt which Government has created and attempts to Force upon it’s people.  This morning the is showing: the “National Debt” at over $16.6 trillion; over $52,000 per citizen. “US Unfunded Liabilities” at over $122.8 trillion for SS, Prescription Drugs […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme