No Government, No Force

Month: February 2009

The FED’s Unsound Theories

Neither the federal government nor its Constitution have a moral or rightful foundation over any person residing in America who does not consent to them, for civil and political rights include the right of association. If men and women cannot associate with those whom they will in governing themselves, then they have no liberty. They […]

Deport the illegal immigrants

This came in an emal fwd from a friend. Perhaps a link you’ll want to pass-around? “The people that are in Congress in Washington,   tell us they can not deport 12 million illegal’s?   We probably need to vote all of them out of office   and send them back to school to learn history!   We pay […]

NARA – USA Constitution

NARA | Transcript of our Constitution The original (transcribed) Constitution, including links to changes over the years. Opens in a new window. Every American needs to study this most important document, the foundation upon which our entire nation rests, and the rules of this game we all play.

The Importance of Failure

Failure is no fun, but it does teach essential lessons. We shouldn’t miss out on those lessons simply because we think we can afford to bail people out. Instead of trying to abolish failure via bailouts, we should let markets work, let failure run its course, and be so much the wiser for it. …There’s […]

Obama Trolling For Sob Stories

This just hit my inbox. Could this be any more obvious and heavy handed? I am actually a little nauseated. “Share your story (or the story of a friend, neighbor, or family member) below …” Here’s the thing. We’ll hear plenty from people who want government to give them a handout. Lots of people will […]

Capitalism and morality

Capitalism is the only the system that maintains liberty, allows true individual autonomy, respects the choices of people, and enable us to achieve genuine freedom. It is the system most allied with the concept of civil liberties, enabling individual rights. This autonomy and freedom is intrinsically moral. Capitalism and objective morality go hand in hand. […]

The Misesian Case against Keynes – Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Superb essay on Keynesian economics fantastically wrong theory of capitalism and of a socialist paradise that will send us deep into depression. Obama and his socialistic cronies know absolutely nothing about economics. An outstanding explanation of the difference!  This is very thorough and excellent , but not a quickie.  if you wish, direct link is […]

The Income Tax Dilemma

In his “Thought for Today” Alan Keyes pleads the fifth on behalf of the Obama picks and nominees tagged with tax issues, and all other American taxpayers, as he reflects on the nonsense used to justify the constitutionality of enforcing the Federal Income tax. Featuring Senator Harry Reid in an amazing display of dexterous doublespeak. […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme