No Government, No Force

Month: July 2008

Politics – McCain & Dobson?

The apparent endorsement of John McCain by evangelist Dobson shows how extreme the religious factions in this country have become. It makes you wonder, does the average American have a real choice or voice to express their own personal opinion over whom should run the country? Dobson and his ilk have no business mixing their […]

The Collapse of the World Banking System

Recent events surrounding the failure of Indy-Mac banks have caused quite a stir in the financial markets. Of course our federal government has assured all of us that they will intervene and shore up the failing financial institution to the tune of approx. $10 billion dollars. The amount itself is staggering, and of course we […]

Inflation — simply bad

Monetary inflation may seem impossibly complicated, but take heart.  While understanding inflation is essential to everyone, both in sensing the future and to understanding the basics of personal well-being, a degree in economics is unnecessary. Money is basically a “medium of exchange”; an instrument of convenience, which makes it unnecessary to tote chickens or bushels […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme