No Government, No Force

Month: June 2008

Rationality is not a Proposition

Ever since the dawn of reasoning, or the day humankind, decided to put their thoughts in writing, humans have increased their living potential tenfold. Through the processes of thinking rational behavior, all of us have benefited enormously from the gifts created by individuals in our human conscious. To be sure, some have followed using these […]

Extremists on Both Sides

Recently I watched with interest the television interview with a  religious leader in the U.S., who’s last name is Dobson. His speech centered on Barack Obama’s interpretation of certain passages in the bible. Mr. Dobson a devout fundamentalist called Mr. Obama’s rhetoric, a fruitcake description of the bible. I have always wondered why the people […]

Out of Control

sunday morning, reading the internet news opinions and here it is, a journalist writing and article, with the heading “is the world spinning out of control”, someting i believe i have been saying for quite a while……. not only out of control, but gasping for breath as its drowning in an ocean of filth and […]

Changing weather and changing life

the changes in weather patterns has produced this year an unusual number of tornados, yet according to my own research on the thermodynamics of the storms, this pattern will persist and grow stronger until a balance is reached after the melting of the polar caps….. there will be no hurricanes of any duration as the […]

Insanity at its Best

so what do you do when the world has gone insane? did you know the israelies conducted a military excercise today involving massive attack jetfighters and ground forces, some say is a test run for bombing iran. did you also know that the russians warned the world today that any attack on iran would be […]

A New Economic Reality

With the emergence of a new global economy, created by the ever expanding corporate multinationals, the status of the U.S. as the dominant force in the world market is growing ever in doubt. Did this need to happen? From a laymans point of view, losing jobs, financial instability, cross border rivalries, seems at best to […]

Who is Really Running the Show

Yesterday’s news of the oil producing nations upping the production output of oil, in order to avoid economic calamity comes as no surprise to this author. After all when the looters are running the show, what else can you expect. What are we to make of this? Who is really in control? Is this any […]

The New Millenium

George Bush along with the president of France and 4 other nations, sent to the Iranian government a new proposal of economic incentives, in order to get them to stop trying to build the “bomb”. Of course the Iranians rejected the offer from the start, and moves all sides in the dispute closer to a […]

Why Are You Crying Over the Cost of Gas

Everyone seems to want to point fingers at George Bush, and his friends for the current situation over energy. No one seems to want to remember back in the 1980’s, when our then political leaders, and noted scientists, industrialists, etc, were warning us that one day the world of supply and demand, would far outstrip, […]

Federal Reserve Change

at Yahoo! Answers: Question in regards to the Federal Reserve? The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 and is, therefore, a creature of Congress. The President of the United States nominates members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, subject to confirmation by the Senate. However, the Federal Reserve is basically free to […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme