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Month: April 2008

What’s up with the dollar?

Nothing is “up” with the dollar, it’s all down, and it’s all downhill from here. Why? Foolish manipulation and expansion of the money supply by the Fed — we think those people are smarter than we are, but WRONG! Expansion of the money supply via the stimulus tax rebate and etc; all being piled atop […]

They just don’t get it!

Striker posted In response to The Madness of Ayn Rand Uh, who is mad? Submitted by Dean Striker on April 19, 2008 – 3:11pm. I’m not really an “YoungPerson”, having made Atlas Shrugged my bible back about 1963. Objectivism and stereotypical conservatism are apples and oranges, having little or no correlation. Ayn Rand defined for […]

Dollar down, not prices up!

Prices have not gone up, the value of the dollar keeps falling! e.g. by indexing gasoline prices for inflation, the price today should be $6.52, not about $3.50!. For more examples, see my post entitled Inflation. Thanks to free enterprise, gasoline and almost everything else is a bargain — it is the dollar which has […]

The Republic For Which it Stands

We the people, famous words, defining the beginning of the Declaration of Independence, and led to the creation of our republic. With the chains taken away from the lives of the citizen-farmer-soldier, our country became the dynamo for the world engine of freedom. In the 1st 100 years of existence, science, engineering, and medicine, flourished […]

our forefathers

Our Forefathers fought against the British for one reason, when they started a revolution. Taxation without representation. Here we are 300 years later. No one really owns property in this country. Your property taxes are a first mortgage, quit paying, and your living on the street. Quit filing taxes as I have for the last […]


There is a current rumor going around the financial markets, that in order for the banking system to regain sound footing, at or about September of this year, the dollar will be devalued against world currencies. It is a typical mindset of the looters, that in order to insure the survival of the current power […]

The Great American Tax Strike

There are many www posts on Tax Strike 2008.  This is a copy of what I wrote elsewhere, but the link is lost. What’s been said here is all relevant, but we’ve run out of time for all the diatribe about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Amendments and the Courts.  Yes, […]

Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve seems a difficult critter to envision. It began back in 1913, created by the government as the bank to head all banks, yet not part of the government, but assigned to control the dollar and and the money supply. This puts “the Fed” even more difficult to control. So among the biggies […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme