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LRC’s Top 10 Best-Read for June 2015

Yes, this will take some time to wade thru, but if you care at all to grasp the big picture, it’s most important that you devote the time. My personal favorite articles are by these authors:

Gary North, “Going Down”
John W. Whitehead “Escaping the Matrix”
and I’m adding William Norman Grigg with his brand-new “Love of Power Wins”

Imperial Statism Rules the World

Almost all human beings have been so totally cut off from our natural world and enslaved in these ways that they have come to take their prisons and concentration camps for granted as natural and good for us, just as maximum security prisoners become so enslaved in their steel and concrete prisons that they dread being let loose in the world beyond the razor-tipped walls and the machine gun towers.

Almost all human beings are literally insane in this way and think their insanity is the only sanity and the only way mankind can live.

Government Law is a Racket

”if you support a State to exist to rule over my life, my person, my property, my labor and my contracts, and
whose agents or employees are empowered to use threats and coercion against me
if I don’t obey their rules regarding what they think I should do with
my life, my person and property, and my labor and contracts
(rules which go beyond ‘don’t aggress, don’t violate other people’s persons or property,’ etc.), then I find it very difficult to say that you are a libertarian.”

Machiavelli and State Power

As libertarianism has acquired a higher profile in American life over the past several years, the attacks on and caricatures of libertarians have grown almost as rapidly. Libertarians, we read, are antisocial, and prefer isolation over interaction with others. They are greedy, and are unmoved if the poor should starve. They are naive about our dangerous enemies, and refuse their patriotic duty to support the government?s wars.

These caricatures and misconceptions can be put to rest by simply defining what libertarianism is. The libertarian idea is based on a fundamental moral principle: nonaggression. No one may initiate physical force against anyone else.

There is nothing antisocial about that. To the contrary,… (Go to the website to Read More)

Obama: I’ll Shut Down Government & Suspend Military Pay

By Mike Flynn at Rather than accept a few billion in budget cuts (read rounding error), President Obama has signaled his willingness to shut down the federal government. (Yah!) For those keeping score at home, any government shutdown that happens is on Obama?s plate. He is the President. All on him. The worst part […] © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme