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Self-Interest Is Not Selfishness

Market relationships are constantly criticized as selfish or greedy, with rewards to selfishness rendering them ethically damaging. As Friedrich Hayek put it, “the belief that individualism approves and encourages human selfishness is one of the main reasons why so many people dislike it.” However, that charge is false.

Markets do involve self-interested people jointly advancing their goals, often without even knowing one another, but pursuing one’s self-interest is not the same as being selfish.

The Case for Optimism

Perhaps one of the most optimistic libertarians ever was Murray Rothbard, a happy intellectual warrior if ever there was one. And he was very enthusiastic about the revolution of libertarian ideas, because he understood fundamentally that liberty is the only manner of organizing society that is compatible with human nature and human action.

Take the Moral High Ground

Excerpt from an rticle by Charlotte Cushman in The American Thinker”

“…But then I listened to Rand Paul’s speech. He was talking about the government taking our freedoms away and said, “I don’t question President Obama’s motives.”


Really? He doesn’t question the motives of someone who wants to…”

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