No Government, No Force


The word Anarchy, from the Greeks, was (and remains) No Ruler, from which No Government logically follows.

That definition does NOT include “lawlessness, chaos, disorder, criminality, and an absence of institutions”. Such are merely theoretical Effects, not the definition, of the word Anarchy. Since few if any human beings have experienced anything other than  being Ruled, the Effects of anarchy are unknown and thus proven,

Despite that truth, yes we see those assumed Effects are now part of the supposed definition at most any dictionary we search. So we corrupt the language to meaningless, as in “what is a liberal, or ‘progressive’ and even right/left, conservative/liberal, and today they’re trying to get rid of male/female.

There is no essential difference between being Governed and being Ruled. Both are accomplished via Force, the key component of every GOVERNment. Both are beyond control of the people for that single reason. People, regular humans, chose others to Rule or Govern them. Once established, a government becomes autonomous, and run by who? Ah, just other humans, but always those of a controlling and dominating nature.

Never is a government established with the consent of all people, but once established all people who arrive afterward are forced to conform to whatever that government decrees, DESPITE that never-after is anyone given any right to consent, nor to refuse to conform. Those who are placed in a position of power to rule do exactly that; they Rule. It never becomes less, rather it always becomes more, and hence all governments and Rulers are certain to become both oppressive and tyrannical. That government finally fails, and is customarily replaced, perhaps after some period of having no government,

It may be possible to create a government in which all matters are Voluntary, IOW only with the consent of each individual, but that remains to be seen. The only way that seems possible is prohibiting government from having any powers of force whatsoever against it’s “citizens”. The entire nature of this world would change immensely. The People, meaning each individual, would be the better for it. Do they really have the intelligence to insist on pure Liberty? We are about to find out.

Our Voluntary Flag

Sorry, but this country is not “GOING to change forever”, it already HAS! ZeroCare was the last straw, and massive resistance should have begun the minute it was signed, but NO!

Obama’s “vision” won the voting in ’08, yet Rush says “nowhere near a majority”? Ha! A few of those sheeple have left the fold, but vote2012 will cure nothing, no matter who wins we can expect nothing but “more of the same”. This train into the abyss has no brakes.

America, and indeed this entire planet, has been on the path to self-destruction for a century, and the so-called “intelligent” humans have OPTED to be Ruled by… whom? Other HUMANS, exactly like themselves, except that Never will the Rulers admit or even mention that they – those who come to be Rulers – have the dominant gene of Force. Those become Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Marx, Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Wilson, Roosevelt’s, Bush’s, Keynes or Obama’s of this world, and that’s the short-list.

All create, use, or manipulate GOVERNments to Force their dastardly deeds upon the People. In earlier times such were called empires, land barons and kings, but by whatever name all are the same. It’s always the Force of one with the unthinking subservience of all others.


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