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CNSnews: Arizona Aims to Build Its Own Border Fence

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
By Susan Jones

From The Arizona Republic: Arizona may not wait for the federal government to finish building a fence along its 370-mile border with Mexico.

A new law that goes into effect July 20 allows the state to build the fence itself, as long as it can raise enough private donations and get permission to build on federal, Indian, and privately owned land along the border.

State Sen. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, who sponsored the legislation, was meeting with Gov. Jan Brewer’s staff Tuesday to discuss logistics.

Speaking in El Paso, Texas, last week President Obama said the border fence is “now basically complete,” something Sen. Smith called “an insult and a lie,” the Republic reported.

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I brought this here because this is a Great Example of Voluntary in Action.? We can’t rely on the Feds, it’s beyond the capability of Arizona and other States.? While I personally am not at all sure that a border fence is a viable answer to the drug cartels and illegals, I totally support that at last the CITIZENS are in charge!? If the citizens want it, they chip in, and if not, they simply don’t.? What could be more fair?? – Dean Striker


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  1. It’s good to see a State exercising their authorities over their State. That’s where governance properly belongs.

    Yet, I see the continuation of the boondoggle of a border fence to be less than smart as it will not move forward with any solutions to the illegal immigration problems we face.

    Remember it is our government who made these people “Illegals” for the most part. The time to move forward on solutions was yesterday.

    My answer to starting to reverse the problem is clearly spelled out in a blog posting of my own:

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