No Government, No Force

After the Fall

It happened, as many predicted. The economy and the U.S. dollar collapsed, cities encountered major civil unrest. Many people have perished, food is scarce and what there is, is unaffordable. Our lives have changed forever, but it’s time to rebuild our great nation to bring peace and prosperity back into our lives. We must make freedom and liberty our way of life and eliminate government force that we endured over the last two centuries. Federal and State governments, as we knew them are gone. They became the most hated people on earth, those who weren’t killed, fled into obscurity. It’s now up to a very small number of people to take the lead and form a new system of governance that will be totally different than what we had. It will no longer be a government, but volunteers selected by the people to manage the needs of the people.

Let’s begin by developing the new guidelines by which the new National Management Selections will work under. This will be written in the new U.S Constitution. There will be 50 members (one from each state) selected for the new National Security Management Committee. They will be responsible for managing the budget and actions of our Armed Forces. The NSMC will convene once a year to establish a budget and vote to approve it. They will be paid one weeks regular wages plus travel, lodging and subsistence. This payment will be made from the individual States NMS payment fund. The members will serve one term of four years. That will end their eligibility for national service.

There will then be 50 members (one from each state) for the new National Foreign Affairs Committee (NFAC). These members will convene on an as needed basis to vote on treaties and trade agreements with other nations. They will be paid regular wages plus travel , lodging and subsistence for each day they convene through the States NMS fund. These members will serve one term of six years. That will end their national service eligibility.

There will then be 1 member selected from a pool of 50 (one from each state) to act as National Management Spokesperson. The NMS will negotiate treaties and trade agreements, direct our military in the defense of the nation when called upon. The NMS will speak to the people twice per year. These speeches will cover all treaties and trade agreements that will be voted on by the NFAC. He will also report the status and cost of the military budget and any other pertinent issues that may arise. He will hold no authority over the National Management Committees. The NMS will serve a term of two years, which will end his eligibility for national service.

There you have it. A very limited form of government based on volunteerism. While there are smaller details to work out as far as how the volunteers are selected, that will be accomplished by the new State Management Selections, which will be covered in a future article. The National Management Selections will have no power to pass or enforce laws. In the event of an attack or potential attack by a foreign enemy, The National Security Management Committee will convene at a secret location to decide on the use of the National Armed Forces. They will inform the National Management Spokesperson, who will attempt to speak with the foreign enemy to reach a peace accord. The NMS will then speak to the people. If the use of the National Armed Forces is necessary, the NMS will direct their actions. The National Armed Forces can only be activated for defensive purposes only.

The people of the United States will have all unalienable rights protected. These rights include the right to free speech, free press, freedom to assemble, freedom of religious choice, and the freedom to keep and bear arms in any manner a person chooses, both in private and in public. The right to Habeas Corpus and the right to a trial by jury. The right to travel freely and own property free of taxes. The right to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure of both person and property. No laws shall be passed infringing on the rights of the people. All laws passed must be of moral discipline, murder, rape, assault, theft or any action by one person that negatively affects the liberty and freedom of another person or persons. All laws will be passed and enforced at the state and local levels.

We must be prepared for after the fall. With a solid plan ready to protect the freedom of America’s citizens, one that is easy to understand by all, is imperative. I we are not ready, we will have no choice between the angel or the beast. While this is just a draft of what a new form of governance could look like to replace our failed governments, it is a beginning. It is a plan based on liberty and freedom, a plan to eliminate corruption of those who speak for the people. But there is much work and discussion to be had in perfecting it. We must be ready to defend liberty and freedom, after the fall.

Live Free!


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  1. Hi Dean, THought it was time to get some comments here. My article is an idea, very open to changes and discussion. I’m not stuck on it as the perfect solution, as there is nothing perfect about this world or the people living in it.

    1. Might be well to make a summary comment of “After the Fall” to “constitution-voluntary-system” and see where it goes.

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