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We, you and I, are here because we recognize that our nation is going to collapse, and we believe it is to be soon. Knowing that, we must be prepared to carry on and promote civility and support amongst all who will do the same. In essence and in reality, it is akin to “starting over”, an awesome and herculean task. If tasked with starting over, we believe it best to start a different way. Humanity can ill afford to restart with yet another GOVERNment destined to failure. Let’s move directly to the point today, because time is running out! We believe the only way is to begin anew with a VOLUNTARY SYSTEM.

We are going to do this with comments here on No-Ruler. I’m opening this with merely a rough outline, and asking for Member participation with Comments and also with new Posts which may help contribute details of some aspect of a voluntary system.

Sharing with other websites is essential, in order to both spread the word, and to bring in other ideas, supporters and contributors to the thinking formation. We will NOT be attempting to form yet another Government to fail. Rather, our objective is to describe how to create a voluntary system of Liberty without allowing Force of any man or political entity against any other. Humane in action! (?)

RIGHTS: Every person’s primary and basic right is his Natural Right to Life for without that he cannot exist. It follows then that each man OWNS? the Natural Right to have and sustain Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness and Prosperity. No Entity can either claim to “own” such Rights nor have rightful power to negate or detract from every man’s Natural Rights. Without this right, no other rights can exist. To be clear, “privileges” are not Rights; they may be given at the expense of the benefactor.

FORCE: If you can agree that Force is inhumane, but believe that some unstated circumstances are exceptions, reexamine your premises. A truth consistently remains true; if otherwise it is not a truth. If Force is inhumane, then is it not always inhumane? So why do humans repeatedly create governments exempted from that morality? Why do we allow governments to use force to make us do things, by taxes, conscription, and “regulation” of markets which work best as Free markets?? We are allowing our governments to treat us inhumanely.? Why?

HUMANS are questionably intelligent, each with a thinking brain and normally capable of learning and making rational choices to sustain and enhance their lives. That is not “greed”; it is rational (or sometimes irrational) self-interest. Those who do that reasonably well can and do take care of their families and will usually find ways of helping others within their circle. Those who truly prosper can stretch a bit further. Destroying prosperity destroys all humanity; that’s where we are today.

In one respect, we are privileged to live during a time when our actions – or non-actions – can set the pace for generations of Americans in the future. We have come to this point because of disaster, but can turn that disaster into something historic and good.

But what can we do? We can survive! We can be prepared! We can plan. We do not have to be victims. We must do some planning in advance of the collapse because to face such a cataclysmic event without plans would be just too devastating to imagine.

Question: should we attempt to re-establish the government as it was? Remember that it was the cause of the collapse. Remember that before the collapse, it rode roughshod over the lot of us. Remember that it grew out of touch with our founding fathers and with our Constitution. Do we really want to practice insanity and continue doing the same thing over and over and over hoping for a different outcome? If yet another government of Force finally formed, the cycle begins anew, destined to fail again on another day.

How do we get people involved at this stage? We want a “Voluntary Government”, one that does not tell us what to do, but one that does what its constituents want.

We need a synonym for the oxymoron, “Voluntary Government”. Voluntary would never Govern, and Govern is never Voluntary. Voluntary System seems clear enough to me, but not very catchy! Will someone please coin us a new word?

Voluntary can be a system allowing some order to society. We need to define the system so that the regular people can grasp how Voluntary serves to maximize their Freedom without demanding their Sacrifices or without stifling their benefits of living in a free society.

Many other things must be addressed, such as national defense, infrastructure, foreign affairs, monetary system before the general public will see the benefits of living free, So many, many things must be addressed. I would hope some of you may assist us in ideas about those items and others you think of.

What we propose is a monumental task, requiring much attention by many people, but so many in our country have grown so accustomed to the status quo and so dependent on government that our success in forming a “voluntary government” will not be easy to accomplish.



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