No Government, No Force

When the Dust of Collapse settles, What Then?

We, you and I, are here because we recognize that our Nation will soon collapse. ? Knowing that, we must be prepared to carry on and promote civility and support amongst all who will do the same. In essence and in reality, it is akin to “starting over”, an awesome and herculean task. If tasked with starting over, we believe it best to start a different way. Humanity can ill afford to restart with yet another GOVERNment destined to failure. We believe the only way is to begin anew with a VOLUNTARY SYSTEM.

Let’s move directly to the point today, because time is running out!? There is a short but crucial set of truth and principles necessary to this process ? The 3 paragraphs below are reposted as the page “Essence”.

To myself, everything must rest and rely upon a most Basic Principle.? Every man has, and must have, his Natural Right to Life, for without Life he does not exist.? It follows then that each man does and must OWN his Natural Right to have, sustain and enhance his Life, Liberty, Happiness and Prosperity.? Today so many sidestep this essential, yet without this foundation, our house cannot stand and will surely fall upon us all.
RIGHTS: Artificial non-living Entities such as governments, organizations, corporations, etc. can neither claim to “own” nor have any rightful power to negate or detract from those Natural Rights of any Man.? One step more… “privileges” are not Rights, and may be granted only at the expense of the benefactor.

Why Choose Force?

FORCE: If you can agree that Force is inhumane, but believe that some circumstances are exceptions, reexamine your premises!? A truth consistently remains true; if otherwise it is not a truth.? If Force is inhumane, then it is always inhumane. ? So why do humans repeatedly create governments exempted from that morality??? Why are governments allowed to force e.g. by taxes, conscription, regulation of free markets, definition or religions, whatever things one can or cannot own or must own, whom and in what manner Man must or may associate with… the list is long.? What is consistent with truth?

HUMAN BEINGS are (questionably) intelligent, each with a thinking brain, normally capable of learning and of making rational choices to sustain and enhance their lives.? That is not “greed”; it is rational (or sometimes irrational) self-interest.? Those who make their choices reasonably well can and do take care of their families and will usually find ways of helping others within their circle.? Those who truly prosper can stretch a bit further and may do so voluntarily… or not.? Humans exist in endless variety, and so long as none intrudes upon any other, their aberrations are tolerable.

Americans have been wondering why the Justice System doesn’t work.? Being that it is run by the very same government which rules us, can you see now the simple answer?? Governments at all levels operate with the power of Force, force which can never lead to good for the general citizenship.? Those elected by some fraction of the populace become the rulers of the entire populace.? Legislators are tasked with making “laws”, whether good or bad, will always interfere with the freedoms of the people, and serve mostly only to accomplish nothing which is of value to all people.? Voluntary will find better solutions to “justice” and “law”.

As we are about to enter devastating and total collapse, is it not wise and prudent that we formulate a plan for Restart?? If we don’t do that now, it’ll be hell doing that from the abyss!?? If yet another government of Force finally formed, the cycle begins anew, destined to fail again on another day after victimizing their citizens beyond tolerance.? Technology today and in the future will render resistance more difficult or even impossible.

THE TASK before us may be much simpler than it might seem.? The more we can “Keep it Simple, Stupid”, the better.? The more we spell out the more risk that we’ll end up with merely more of the same.? We proceed under the assumption that the collapse will either eliminate the present government or render it incapable of maintaining itself and waste away.? Considering what it has become, I see that as the most positive alternative remaining; it’s that bad!


A VOLUNTARY SYSTEM will function by people forming private clubs/groups/associations toward accomplishing their objectives.? The objective can be anything they want, large or small, broad or specific in scope, as long as they are prohibited to force any others.? Withdrawal from such must be a stated Freedom.? This has vast implications – associations for churches, police, republicans, hikers, mothers, roads, green stuff, animal rights, even communists can form their group and oppress their Members, but none holds power over others!? Good ideas will grow and bad ones will fail.

A NEW CONSTITUTION? — Perhaps appropriate, and certainly must be addressed.Such need not be long and complicated, but needs to be crystal clear, essentially prohibiting force.? In principle, however, any contract can be applied only to those who actually consent; a huge logistical problem awaiting our solution?? Also, it must be revokable, and not applied to any who come later and do not sign.? Such Constitution could provide for takeover and resale of “public” properties, absolute ownership rights to private properties, etc. Any Constitution must prohibit government from Force against it’s own people as well as other nations, except in self-defense.? Remember, a Voluntary system is voluntary in all matters!

We need a synonym to replace the oxymoron “Voluntary Government”.? Voluntary would never Govern, and Govern is never Voluntary.? Voluntary System seems clear enough to me, but not very catchy!?? Will someone please coin us a new word?

Voluntary can be a system bringing a certain order to society.? We must define the system so that the regular people may quickly grasp how Voluntary serves to maximize their Freedom without demanding their Sacrifices. We seek to develop the system by which one human can no longer legally oppress nor negate the free choice of any other.? We will begin comments here on No-Ruler, and surely will see separate articles on certain areas such as a new Constitution.

Sharing with other websites is essential, in order to both spread the word, and to bring in other ideas, supporters and contributors to the thinking formation.? We will NOT be attempting to form yet another Government to fail.? Rather, our objective is to create a voluntary system of Liberty, which cannot allow Force of any man or entity against any other.? Humane in action!

%name When the Dust of Collapse settles, What Then?Nobody can do all this alone!? If you are in tune with this, please join us as a Registered Member and jump into the waters of Liberty.? Your voice is vital to the movement!? I do appreciate our friends here!


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  1. Striker the original Mayflower Compact comes to mind. I believe this is what you are trying to get people involved in. Forming a pact so to speak. Would this be a way to start over … it is of the same mindset. In fact its kind of scarey the similarities of why they needed the Compact and why we will need one again … (hope I said that right?)

    1. I see that I must first initiate a new article to address a Constitution. A condensed version of that written in your in your link may be relevant as a comment to that. Will such conform to the principles stated in this article?

  2. It has been an ongoing interest for me to consider what “America 2.0” might look like. I don’t know that we’ll see one nation, we may see several regional nations (3-5 possibly) of states with mutual cooperation agreements between the regions.

    I do think that what becomes “America 2.0” will first undergo major societal disruption before we can even get to a point where we begin to let the dust settle. There will be many instances of local governance of all kinds of flavors (good and horrid) that will be fought over first before expanded government experiments can occur.

  3. As it seems that some wish to discuss preserving, amending, or replacing the Constitution, I will set out to write an article to kick off that as a new post. It should be short and to the point, but with all that’s going on I’ll need a day or two; hang in there.

  4. This certainly requires some deep thought. The Federal government may be destroyed, but the State governments may remain. That is still a problem, as they will likely attempt to lead things back to what it was. If all governments fail, then we have a chance. I have heard of VDLG (Very Damn Little Government) that would have no power or authority. Basically managers over national defense and maintain interstate highways. All other issues would be handled by the States and it’s people. Federal taxes would be gone.

    This needs an article, not a short comment. I think I’ll work on that, the weather stinks, so I have alot of time on my hands.

    Dean, Good job on the site. I added this site to my blog roll as well as an rss feed widget.

    1. There are many things that yes, require deep thought. Also I completely agree that major points require someone to gather those thoughts into an article. Certainly the issue of continuing States, all with their own Constitutions containing their own slants away from true Liberty, very much need addressing. If you want to lead off with that discussion, great! I can’t possibly do everything around this place! Much will very likely be in a great quandry during any Restart. It’s impossible to predict how anything might go!

  5. I must apologize here for something I did not do but… there in transitioning to WordPress / BuddyPress the website was running okay but needed further setup. That was well along, then this morning I installed a new plugin which upon activation wiped out the entire MySQL database and disabled all of the No-Ruler blog section.

    My only option then was to restore the backup of the database from yesterday about 1pm. The only thing lost — the comments to this article, about 7 comments.

    Hopefully at least Tasine and Arizona1950 will trouble to rewrite their comments.

    1. Further, I just noticed that the timing for the new BuddyPress module, which was very helpful toward bring us better capabilities available in “social sites” had not yet been activated. I have no more time available here for next few hours, so will have to delay bring that back for a few hours — probably the middle of the night when it won’t disrupt website activity much.

      1. I think I am not alone when I say that I appreciate your dedication towards bringing us an more user friendly site. Thank you and take the time you need … haste makes waste. 🙂

    2. The article certainly makes one think. It is good not to be an alarmist but at the same time we have to be informed and prepared. You look for a new word of name for Volunteer Government. I look at is as desire control. My first comment had a better answer but I can’t think what I said other than it equated to an action. I suggested we find an acronym to encompass the desire effect of a commitment to action in the voluntary process of governorship.

      Here’s my first go at it …
      The CTE = The Commitment of time and energy

      1. Sorry the former comments got lost but do I remember Incentive… or something like that?

        I’ll be working on the BuddyPress social thing this eve, it should keep on running but right now much is missing and it may keep changing as stuff is installed. There are several different themes which might be used, and so it’s plenty of fiddling LOL

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