No Government, No Force

A Journey to Understand

On April 25th, USW posed a question to me, which was based on my response to JustACitizen. Concerning the 2012 national elections, I had replied to JAC that I did not believe they would occur. USW then asked why I think such a thing and that he certainly didn’t feel the same. The answer isn’t as easy as some would think. I began to feel this way over three years ago, after Obama was elected. Not that Obama did anything wrong, I just had a strong gut feeling that there would be no 2012 elections, as they will be cancelled or delayed for some time. There was something wrong, that I could not pinpoint, but I felt so strongly about it that I told people who were closest to me. But when asked why I felt this way, I could not answer, thus began my journey to understand!

So how many of you, at some point in your life, had a sudden feeling come over you that something was very, very wrong? You know, that sixth sense that we all claim to have but can’t be proven. That happened to me, several years ago, and the first words out of my mouth, was ” There will not be an election in 2012″. For the sake of legalities, I claim sole ownership of this statement, therefore I own it. Any use of it must come with expressed permission from the owner, ME! (humor intended)?At the moment of uttering these words, my first thought was why? So I ventured into a fact finding mission that turned into a journey. A journey that has blessed me with knowledge, understanding and a sense of peace within myself.

I was lacking in political, economic and philosophical knowledge, that over the last few years I have been able to greatly improve. I credit those here on SUFA for a majority of that, and I have learned to research and come to conclusions based on this new found knowledge. I can honestly say, that because of the current geopolitical and economic conditions that we are facing, I am holding to my prediction that the 2012 national elections will not take place on the scheduled date, if at all. I have many reasons for this now, not just a gut feeling.

Our Government: It’s simple. They are corrupt to the core. The two party system is a joke that does not serve the people any justice. They are supposed to be “of the people, by the people and for the people” They are none of the above. They have as a whole in 2008 ignored the will of the people and voted to bail out Wall Street. They did it again with Obama’s stimulus, which failed miserably. It continued, until the most recent actions of President Obama, when he sent our troops into harms way in Libya, without Congressional approval, as required by the Constitution and the War Powers Act. Congress will do nothing on this matter, furthering my beliefs of things to come.

Our Economy: We are in deep poopoo here folks. Unemployment is not getting better and prices are rising. Gas is soon going to cost what $5, $6, $7 or even more by the end of the year. I predicted this winter that gas would be $4 to $5 a gallon by October. It looks like that will occur by Memorial Day, as traditionally, gas goes up for the summer travelling season, which for many, is cancelled already. The dollar is devaluing, in 2008 when oil hit $100 a barrel, gas hit $3.05 a gallon, this year, oil hit $100 and gas was $3.79. That’s a very big difference in just three years. Food prices are going to begin to hurt for those on government aid, if that’s not already occurring.

The Future: Ugly! Economically it could be the most violent time within our borders since the Civil War. This country can’t sustain 7 or more dollars a gallon for gas for very long at all. Can you imagine what 10 bucks a gallon would do to this nation? Most people will only consider their personal situation in assessing the what ifs , while discounting others who aren’t so lucky to have enough wealth to weather the storm (ask Charlie, he’ll tell you). The dangers of these possibilities and how you deal with them could make a difference in survival, not just for you and your immediate family, but relatives and friends who may become displaced.

The Future II: Ugly! Politically, how will government handle this if it comes to be? If their recent actions are any indication, not very well for us. If major civil unrest occurs, the government will likely do the same thing they did in New Orleans after Katrina, if not worse. How are they treating the citizens today? The TSA, the DHS, the President’s actions with Libya. All a tell tale sign of what could be coming to our cities if the economy drops out. When people are hungry, it’s gonna be a tough ride for this nation and it’s citizens.

So why am I predicting no elections in 2012? Because it’s gonna take time to get to where I think we are going. Once we get there, and the government cracks down on the civil unrest, what politician will be able to campaign, much less get many votes. They would all be gone where violence occurred on the citizens by the government. They will need time, to try and save their sorry hides, so the easiest thing to do, cancel or delay elections. If anyone thinks for one minute that with this nation under a State of Emergency, or worse, Marshal Law, that Congress will not vote to do this, think again.

So there you have it, my journey to understand one simple statement made in 2008. Some of you will think I’m bat shit crazy, some a conspiracy theorist, some a Black Flag waiving nut or just plain whacko. That’s OK! I hope I’m wrong. I want to be wrong! But what if I’m not?

Live Free!


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  1. Great post, Gman! Whacko? Not at all.
    We have two things working against our liberty and our survival – debt and redistribution will soon take America into collapse and the worst it has ever know. It’s now so far gone that there is no longer any way out. This Nation is going down with it and we must plan for the restart, assuming we will be lucky enough to survive it!

    Expect a new post today, or tomorrow at the very latest. It will be to collaborate on a Voluntary system,

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