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China Dumps Dollar as U.S. Printing Presses Roll

by email from Gerry Donaldson, a leader in the drive for Texas Independence.

As the printing presses keep spitting out money as fast as they can run, China’s treasury minister has just announced that they intend to rid themselves of 2/3 of our treasury bonds they hold…2 Trillion dollars worth!

Congress is sweating over cutting a mere $38 billion while the debt is rising at over $100 billion a month. Does that make sense to you?

We already have a debt ceiling that is massive and yet they want to raise it, but they can never raise it enough to stop our economy from imploding.

This is why China, largest holder of our Treasury Bonds, is ready to just dump the dollar and take the losses. What do you believe other countries will do? Who will buy that debt?

Can anyone see another MASSIVE buyout from the Federal Reserve?

The world is about to see the end of the U.S. dollar as its reserve currency. When that happens, nothing will stop America moving into hyperinflation.

Every dime you have in your checking, savings, and retirement accounts will be worthless virtually over night!

Our founding fathers would be aghast at the loss of morals and ethics in our government. They would immediate do what they did when King George ramped up the abuses of their freedoms…they seceded from Great Britain!

Tonight we’ll talk about the pending demise of the dollar and our way of life.

Tuesday,?April 26th, 2011
Central Time

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