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Seeking Alpha: The Fed’s Balance Sheet

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Always good to keep things in perspective. The most recent Fed Balance Sheet reading of $2.16 trillion is a doozy and is only getting higher, and a couple hundred bucks away from the highest ever recorded of $2.17 trillion a month ago. This is just the beginning: Bernanke and Co. have committed to monetizing $1.75 trillion of securities this year, of which $1.21 trillion remain to be purchased still. This means that the chart will likely pass the $3 trillion mark at some point over the next 3-6 months. As to the yield on these securities once the total is over $3 trillion, if the current trendline of UST pounding is any indication, look for something north of 5%.

Just as a reminder, the total foreign central bank holdings of Treasuries and Agencies is $2.7 trillion.

Very soon America's largest creditor will be… America.



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  1. About time someone came out explaining this; so concisely that it’s beautiful. I have been wondering how the Fed, as apparently the designated agent of the Treasury, can keep buying tBills & etc, while not realizing that the Fed is now unable to resell them.

    From this we can understand so much. Such as the stupid bailouts and stimulus being largely unfunded and inoperative, why the national debt keeps piddling upward instead of rushing upward, and how this serves only to delay inevitable hyperinflation.

    The good news is this absolute proof of the fallacy of Keynesian economics, which irrationality has forced us onto the irreversible path to world economic collapse.

    The ultimate treason.

    this is probably the “missing 2 trillion dollars” that nobody has wanted to disclose.

    Digg now eliminated shouts, just in time, it appears. Treason is treason.

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