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Did You Say No Government? No Politicians?

%name Did You Say No Government?  No Politicians?

I read an article this morning that set me thinking about the idea of a country without government, without rulers, without lawmakers, without all the minutiae of rules and regulations, mandates, orders, laws, etc. What would be so bad about living in a country of like-minded people without all this government meddling in our personal lives? Frankly, I think it would be paradise, yet am amazed to find that the suggestion seems to scare the living daylight out of many people. It seems to be something that is unthinkable, beyond the pale.


Of course there would have to be some system in place, and the system we have had since our beginning as a nation, has worked pretty well, but once it became the means for people to get something for nothing, it began dying. Our system of government relies on officials being honest with integrity, having a work ethic, pride in their work. It has long since lost these qualities. When a populace cannot trust their politicians, it cannot honestly be said that that is a population that lives in freedom. It is a population that is victim to the whims and desires of those in charge, those who RULE, those who GOVERN.


So what type of system could take care of the nation’s business WITHOUT meddling in the public’s private business? What system could serve us better than what we have. It was posed to me that if we have anything of a national program, there MUST be people in charge of certain things, and those people will just be repeats of what we already have. I think that is the shallow view. Yes, it COULD be that way, and everyone knows that perfection is not likely, but there must be a system that could do what needs doing better than what we currently have.


I have suggested that laws should not be made by a Congress that is political as opposed to the public who has personal interest in what laws are passed. I have also suggested our justice system is totally corrupted and many jurists don’t appear to have even a speaking acquaintance with the U.S. Constitution. Why is that? How could it be? It could be because we have lost our moral compass. I believe that to be a large part of it, and as a result teaching and insisting on ethics is so ?yesterday?, that we allow individual jurists to do as they please, and it is killing our country. We, the people, should be the ones judging what the jury can or cannot see, NOT some judge, NOT some lawyer. Their decisions to withhold information during a trial are unAmerican and it says that they don’t trust Americans to use good sense, to be able to differentiate, to make use of their God-given logic. Our government is, in my opinion, hopelessly corrupted and bordering on tyranny, and I fail to see how it will ever be righted as things exist now.


It is possible that circumstances may provide the opportunity to re-think our government system. If our economy definitely sinks as every knowledgeable person says it will, there is good reason to believe our government will fall by the wayside as well. If that happens, we will probably be either under martial law OR in a state of anarchy.


If we have no political types to tell us what to do and what not to do, will we die from stupidity or laziness? Actually, I suspect some WILL die from stupidity or laziness. Some will die because of unfortunate circumstances. MOST, I believe, will be able to make it, particularly if their sense of survival is strong. I believe most Americans can deal with the worst of times and turn it into a better time. I believe that because I WANT to believe that.


There is good reason to believe that small groups will band together, not like in a commune, but as in a community, where they look after each other, where no one gets ignored, where the strong look after the weaker ? AND where the weaker go out of their way to be stronger and more productive. While some may have large gardens and green thumbs, others will have some medical knowledge, others will have building capabilities, etc. Some will have survival skills. Some will be able to help defend the group. And each will do his thing for the group. I believe this, and I believe we will learn that we can do quite well without politicians, without political parties, without all the departments, agencies, and bureaus we have lived our entire lives with. We may learn that we can actually do pretty well without a paycheck ? there may not be many of those in our future.


It behooves us to consider what we would need if our country had to ?start over?. We would need a military of sorts ? unlike what we have now perhaps, but a means of averting foreign nations from taking advantage of us. There has to be leadership and manpower and money to pay for both as well as for equipment.


Most will say we need laws. I am not so sure. Perhaps the laws we currently have are a large part of why we failed this time. Maybe it is time to let each community decide what is best for that community and let them administer their own judgement and punishments. Laws have a way of erasing the individual and casting everybody as identical as far as law goes. Maybe there is a better way. Why not find that way? What is so wrong about allowing the wronged to administer his own justice once he KNOWS all that happened? Will some be wrongly accused and punished and possibly die? Yes. But does that happen today with weeks of trial, hundreds of witnesses, herds of lawyers, days and days of TV coverage, and the best legal minds around? Yes, it DOES happen. So all of that to hang the wrong person wherein NOBODY gets justice.

But IF we MUST have laws, they should be short, simple, and few ? and totally understood by all. Such as: You will not set out to murder an innocent person. If you DO, you will be put to death. You will not steal from anyone else. If you do, you will work 4 hours a day for that person for X length of time. You will not destroy others’ property. If you do, you will make reparations OR work 4 hours a day for that person for x length of time. You will not injure anyone else while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and if you DO, you will work for that family 4 hours a day for x length of time. These are simple and easy to understand ? and you may note they do not include any prisons. A major hurdle to overcome would be keeping lawyers out of the process of making laws. (Not as tongue in cheek as you may think). We should never again turn our laws or handling of finances over to elected officials. We citizens should make all the laws and handle the finances.


I’m sure there are others who think about what ifs. There are unanswered questions about how would we handle this, how would we handle that. We need to devise the answers ourselves because if we don’t, OTHERS will and once again we will be victims on short leashes. I don’t know all the answers, but I do know how I would like to live life, and it isn’t by being constantly bombarded with new stifling laws, regulations, bureaucratic babble that nets me nothing but costs a bundle. If our country falls, we can pick it back up and make it even freer than the founders envisioned.


I hope you will share this idea with others, think of and share your own ?what ifs?. I believe it will come to this, and those who will survive will be those who are prepared.

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