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Coming U.S. civil war and other disasters

Written by Quin Etiam on 11 April 2011
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Barack Obama will be the last President of the UNITED States of America. There is a civil war brewing and it will cause the break-up of the Union. It will hinge on the birther movement which is going to spawn an all out rebellion in the U.S.

Several high ranking Military officers have publicly questioned Obama?s legitimacy and the ranks of dissenters is growing daily. Look for the unexpected ?retiring? of many highly decorated Generals over the next year as an imminent sign of rebellion.

Just know that it was all planned. Obama?s Global elitist masters are behind the conspiracy, they are playing both sides. They know that Top Ranking Soldiers cannot and will not recognize the legitimacy of a foreign born President. It is one of the few contentious constitutional issues that can rip the nation apart.

CNN frontpage story ? ?4 ways we?re still fighting the Civil War?

Why would CNN run such a story? Their Globalist masters are continually running the conditioning program. It is their end-game plan to bring about a civil war that fractures America and? makes it weak.

Even with $14 Trillion of national debt and massive unemployment the USA is still number one. Even with multiple front deployments and continual wars the USA and the NATO Alliance is unbeatable on the battlefield. Financial issues alone cannot bring the USA to its knees. The constitution of the United States is formed in such a way that no foreign or international power will gain predominance as long as the basic tenants of sovereignty, liberty and right to bear arms are upheld.

But the Achilles heal of the Constitution is that it is based on the premise the the Executive Office and the Judicial branch of Government are legitimate. United States Military Generals have the right and responsibility to question and refuse illegal orders. Any orders given by an illegitimate President can be called into question. This is exactly what the Globalist are counting on, they want to pit Patriots against each other.

At some point U.S. forces may be recalled to enforce questionable policing actions inside the U.S.,? ?Homegrown? terrorist will be targeted. The legitimacy of the Federal Government will be called into question and the dissension movement will start. Once the first rounds are fired off it will no longer matter, the Globalist will have achieved their victory and have mortally weakened the most powerful nation on the Earth.

Global Commufascist military forces will make their move when the nation is most vulnerable, they will use something along the lines of ?Securing Americas Nuclear Arsenal? and protecting the people as an excuse to invade. China, Russia and South American communist forces have long prepared for such an eventuality. Massive legal and illegal immigration and open borders in the U.S. and especially Canada have allowed the total infiltration of all civilian infrastructures by foreign agents. The USA is far more vulnerable from attack from within than from without.

Now when I previously reported that there are 300,000+ CHICOMS operatives in Canada and they are positioning themselves just above the U.S. border I was targeted and my other website was shutdown. Chinese communist influences are now totally in control of the city of Vancouver B.C. and the Chinese are the most influential political lobby in Canada. And I can confirm beyond any shadow of a doubt that if you as a citizen question the open flood-gates immigration policies you will be targeted and blacklisted in every way possible. Canada right now is facing another federal election where the main opposition candidate is an open Anti-sovereigntist and openly pro Globalist.

The concept of foreign owned U.S. national debt is 100% illegal as a matter of the Constitution.? A foreign power cannot by law own any United States property. The new patriot movement can capitalize on this and refuse to pay the crooked Global money cartels, and if they do stop payment it would further justify Globalist military invasion.

A guy by the name of Moses led a rebellion a while back. He established some very basic but important principles. First? harvest the land 6 years but on the seventh year don?t harvest the crop. Give the land a rest and chance to replenish. All debts are to be canceled after 49 years. One generation is not to pay for the mistakes of the one before it. Nations do not borrow and lend. Nations give to one another. Nations fight, conquer and take? but they do not borrow.

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  1. Great post Dean. I think you know who I am on SH… 🙂

  2. Hi Dean, You know me as AFVET65 on SH. Great blog! I also write a blog that you may be interested in.
    We are very much like minded based on what I’ve read here, I think you will find that true id you check out my site. I’m always willing to work with people to get the message out.


    1. Hi back, Gary. Thank you for coming aboard. I did go briefly to your website, made a comment and bookmarked same. It is appears that we could do much together. Dean

      1. Dean, Yes we can! Those who cherish freedom must come together and spread the word. I have numerous articles that can be republished here. The message is the most important thing, people need to prepare.

  3. A great article, Striker! So glad to see it here for our consumption! I think it holds many truths. Sad that this is happening, but glad to see so many people are anxious and eager to protect our nation from these power grabbers, these One World Wonders (who plan to rule the One World).

  4. I just posted this article as a repost on my site. We need to support each other in this work. We all have to work together in getting out the word. I gave you the credit of course. See Keep up the very good work you are doing. Great writing.


  5. No doubt that the standoff of Liberty versus Force must be resolved. Revolution or civil war cannot resolve this because, well, how do we draw battleline(s)?

    Would you draw the line between Red and Blue states? No State is totally populated by any one political party. Would it be between “conservatives” and “liberals”, such that we set forth to destroy our neighbors? Or will it be between government and the people? What a bloody mess that would be!

    Proponents of Force, those who use and abuse the false power of government to tax and steal from the Citizens, thereby empowering the Rulers to mandate redistribution in the name of “equality and the greater good”, to sacrifice the lives of citizens as soldiers to wage wars not of their choosing, and to dictate every aspect of the lives of the citizens


    Those who honor True Liberty and Individual Sanctity; those who realize that their very Right to Life is threatened and destroyed by those who falsely proclaim themselves to be somehow superior to those who choose neither to Rule nor be Ruled.

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