No Government, No Force

Capitalism — What’s Obvious and Not So Obvious

In the wake of the current political and economic crisis, there are several questions that I have asked that I would assume are also being asked by those who value freedom and individual rights. The questions take the following related forms: Isn’t it obvious to people that what Obama is doing is not going to work in the sense of bringing about economic recovery, e.g. you can’t borrow your way out of debt and you can’t encourage production by punishing producers? Don’t people grasp the implications of these monumental violations of our rights and the loss of freedom? Why don’t people see the connection between history and what is happening now – virtually everything that is happening has happened before in some form? In other words, there is an intense frustration that the consequences of the government’s policies should be obvious to anyone who cares to think about it – yet, every day it is obvious that it is not obvious.

Doubtful that this will wake up very many, yet this is very helpful in understanding the why’s and wherefore’s.

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