No Government, No Force

Object Lesson

Stop me if you have heard this.

Nah, never-mind!

A young ambitious liberal college student eager to show her intellectual ability went to her first class and when asked to write an essay on Socialism.

She was enthusiastic about the chance.  She finally had the chance to prove the virtues of socialism and the expose the evils of Capitalism.

She worked everyday, and passed up opportunities to be with her friends to be in the library, she was even able to get interviews with experts on Socialism.   She had the essay beautifully typed.   She knew this paper was good enough to be published.   Excited about the reaction from her professor she turn in her paper.

Two weeks later she received her paper only to be devastated that she got a C.

Furious she went to her professor and shouted,  "Do you know how hard I worked on this?!   I know my work is superior to the whole class!"

The professor agreed.   "You did indeed," the professor said calmly.

"So why did I get a C?!" she asked.

"Do you see the young man in the back?  The one looking out the window with the pencil hanging out of his mouth,"  the professor asked.

"Yes! So what does he have to do with me?"

The professor then said, "Well, he is a football player he didn't do very well.   I don't even think he wants to be here.   But you did so well I simply spread your points to the rest of the class".

She furiously shouted, "BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR!"

He said, "You are correct….that''s Socialism!"

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  1. Fine start, KellyJaye –I had caught this one before, so what?!

    1. Thanks, Dean. So what, nothing – haha.

      1. It’s been a long time, sorry but somehow dropped the ball on this thread. Would like to see more from you!

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