No Government, No Force

Who is Really Running the Show

Yesterday’s news of the oil producing nations upping the production output of oil, in order to avoid economic calamity comes as no surprise to this author. After all when the looters are running the show, what else can you expect.

What are we to make of this?

Who is really in control?

Is this any kind of a free market economy, or what do you call it, when a few control the means of production?

There are those of you out there who believe, we live in a wonderful world of supply and demand, when actually it should be called corporate fixes, and control.

We need more than a tax strike to change the tyranny we live under!

We need a strike against the very system that controls us. Stay tuned for further developments, as this author proposes a peaceful non violent strike against the very economic machine that enslaves and uses us like so much grease on a chain.

One day you will realize this is the only way to change our destiny of subjugation, and misery.

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