No Government, No Force

The New Millenium

George Bush along with the president of France and 4 other nations, sent to the Iranian government a new proposal of economic incentives, in order to get them to stop trying to build the “bomb”. Of course the Iranians rejected the offer from the start, and moves all sides in the dispute closer to a military confrontation. There are those in the political arena who have publicly stated, that before George Bush leaves office, his administration will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

A nuclear Iran would be a rogue atomic power, with no inhibitions over bombing Israel, and would become the start of WWIII, You can be sure Israel would turn Tehran into an ocean of glass, and would ultimately bring the other great superpowers into the fray.

There are those who would hide there heads in the sand, just as Neville Chamberlin did, in dealing with Adolph Hitler. Of course 6 years later, and approximately 60 million dead, proved to the world that appeasement only produces more death in the end. The question at this time is, would a preemptive strike against Iran stop their mad plunge into worldwide destruction.

The president of Iran has stated publicly, that, “if you bomb us, you will open up the gates of hell”, and one can only surmise such a statement, if true, would entail a full military confrontation between various superpowers, however unprovoked, but become a reality with the use of any atomic weapons.

I can only imagine, the price of crude oil, would become mind boggling, and if the Strait of Hormuz, should become unusable or blocked, would shut the western economies down, along with the emerging asian conglomerates. So much is depending on these oil producing countries, that, in a word, the rest of the world would be held hostage to the growing calamity.

If you think $4 a gallon is tough now, try $12 or $18 dollars a gallon, and in such an event, half of the world would starve to death, over lack of energy to grow food.

Such a scenario seems far fetched, but all too real when you look at the players.

Once again it comes down to the price of crude, when we should be focusing our efforts toward creating a viable superconductor, design our machines that use oil, to run for long lengths of time using very little oil, and using nuclear energy to take the impetus away, from using so much oil.

Yet, there are those, confronted by these realities, who would rather hide their heads in the sand, and pretend it will never happen. Neither did the holocost, or the black plague, but I suggest, you look at the record of history, and then try to understand what appeasement created, otherwise, take a good long look at your children before they go to bed tonight, and ask yourself, will they live a full and good life, or will it end at a young age of starvation and misery.

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