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Why Are You Crying Over the Cost of Gas

Everyone seems to want to point fingers at George Bush, and his friends for the current situation over energy. No one seems to want to remember back in the 1980’s, when our then political leaders, and noted scientists, industrialists, etc, were warning us that one day the world of supply and demand, would far outstrip, the available stockpile and also fields of oil on our planet.
That day has come, and even though there may be some shenanigans going on between commodity traders and such, in this so called free-market, the new global market, and new emerging industrial nations, are competing directly, with the U.S. for oil, on the new global economy.
It is a culmination of three economic factors driving the price of oil. A weak dollar, competition from the global economic community, and less of the product to divide amongst a growing world with an insatiable appetite for oil.
You may remember last year when a new car was produced for approximately $1500 per unit, in south east asia, which according to last reports, is being bought at a faster pace than can actually be produced.
Now everyone in China is buying a car, and also need gasoline to drive it, and are adding to the hydrocarbons proliferating in our atmosphere, which in turn is causing a much faster rate of polar warming.
The U.S. at one time consumed 60% of the worlds energy, now it is down to 40%, and yet we still cannot get enough of the black gold to run our machinery, even though as a more modern technocal industrial nation, our use of oil is less wasteful, the demand is still far greater than the supply.
All of the leaders of industry say now $4 a gallon for gas is here to stay, and if there is any kind of interruption in the flow of the supply, could really climb to $7 a gallon overnight.
As a nation for far to long we have been putting off the inevitable, which is less of the oil to go around for everyone, thereby driving the price up, to supply and demand, as our so-called free-market adapts to the situation.
No one has an answer to the high price, except for posturing and more posturing.
Of course eventually, someone with an idea will come up with a new method of energy production, or we will destro ourselves in a n attempt to control what we need for our own end.
There are far too many humans on this planet, using way too much of the available resources left. Either we come back to common sense and start controlling our populations, producing a much more efficient rapid transit system, and one other thing, start to consider the use of nuclear power to meet our energy needs.
The development of alternative sources of energy is just in its infancy, and will eventually take off given time and technological development, but not in the next 5 years and until then, this energy shortfall may well cause an economic depression the likes of which will make the so called dirty 30’s a picnic, comparred to what may come……

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