No Government, No Force

Sources for Voluntary “Government”

This is primary directed to our Members active with Posts and Comments.  Non-members are welcome to register and join in the fun, (as long as it’s not done to talk negative about NoRuler’s Objective here!).

The link brings up a Google search for Voluntary Government, which is the primary focus of NoRuler.

I would encourage Members to use that SourceLink to find articles with additional insight on how to best structure a Voluntary System and examine the components of this system, so that it can be tossed around here on NoRuler.

One more thing – if anyone has a synonym which would serve as a replacement for the evil term GOVERNment with something catchy and easy to grab onto – let’s have comments on that also! 

Okay, head on off to Google search, then write up or even copy/paste good findings as Posts, or include in comments. 


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