No Government, No Force

Take Your Money Back? Yeah, Right!

It’s a good video to show where the money goes, but…

But “take your money back” ?? Good luck, once you have paid it, it’s gone and “it ain’t never coming back”. If you don’t pay your money for taxes along with your purchases, you’re not gonna be able to buy much to maintain your life — it is all taxed multiple times before you even see it. Try getting your cart-full out of Walmart without paying the taxes.

We must first understand the morality of true unfettered freedom and personal choice, which means refusing to accept for force imposed by collectivism, Think “refuse”, “strike”, “revolt”.

Building anything begins with a proper foundation, which in life is a rational moral code. America is lost because objective morality is set aside in favor of the immorality of Force. That’s why we have Governments, to apply force and theft by taxation which is “legal” only via Goverment.

By purporting to make our decisions for us, Government denies the sanctity of the individual mind, usurping that to whom? Some OTHER individual? Those Other Individuals join into gangs called Congress, Legislature, Board, Council, each with a “Leader” called President or Governor or Chairman or Mayor.

All supported by Taxes, taken by Force right from your pocket.

Morality101 is here to offer alternatives.  Look around while you’re here.

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