No Government, No Force

Health Care Is Not A Right

Quoting Dr Leonard Peikoff: “…it is impractical because it is immoral. This is not a case of noble in theory but a failure in practice; it is a case of vicious in theory and therefore a disaster in practice.”

Objectivist thinking clears up muddy waters.  This is fine thinking, clear and concise.

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  1. A little giggle escaped from me “topic for another day”, sure but it all meshes together! This whole mess is truly a paradox.

    Thanks for a good comment!

  2. Thanks for the great link. It will come in handy for a painting one day, I’m sure.
    It’s too bad people have this misconception of what are their rights and what are their responsibilities. We won’t see an end to this until we weed out all the politicians who use wealth envy to oppress the productive members of our society. I would go so far as to say that people no longer care whether something is a right or not. Now, the question most people asks themselves is how: to make a rich person pay for it?
    The public has been brainwashed by Washington, the media, and Hollywood to think that they have been taken advantage of by the rich. The irony that most of the people perpetuating the lie are wealthy themselves, is lost on the average person. I’m pretty sure we can blame that level of ignorance on public education, although that is a topic for another day.

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