No Government, No Force

Another viewpoint on Somalia’s Transitional Government

Excerpts from the source article by Sophia Tesfamariam at American Chronicle
…Eritrea’s principled position on Somalia has been consistent from day one. As far back as 1993, Eritrea has been consistently calling for non-interference in the internal affairs of Somalia and has repeatedly called on the international community to respect Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Eritrea does not recognize the Transitional National Government of Somalia, not because of the individuals involved, but because it is an illegitimate regime that has been imposed on the Somali people against their wishes. The previous externally imposed TNGs that have been “propped up” in Mogadishu have been repeatedly rejected by the Somali people, who want to choose their own leaders. Eritrea’s non-recognition of the externally established TNG is not what is destabilizing Somalia; rather it is the Ethiopian invasion and occupation of Somalia and the installing of illegitimate TNGs in Somalia that will be amenable to the West and its allies that has threatened the peace, security and stability in the region.

“If anything, the very existence of the TFG or any central government which in the Somali context is always viewed as an imposition from the outside is a provocation that invites resistance and gives destabilizing forces an easy entry.”

The Obama Administration can do itself a favor by investigating Pham’s role in this sordid and destructive affair and ask him why he is hell bent on fueling the carnage in Somalia and campaigning for the dismemberment of Somalia. Whose interests/agenda is he promoting? Certainly, his agenda is not in the best interest of the United States or Somalia?

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There is considerably more in the article, which seems a mixed bag but is certainly worth reading.

Our No-Ruler view is that the transitional government in Somalia, not of it’s people or in any way approved by them, but instigated by the US, UN, African Union and their cohorts, is illegal both within Somalia and also as a tool of entities which cannot conceive of any land not being under control of some GOVERNment, which always has meant that such governments can control and force their wills upon the people.

This transitional government is used by the USA and others as a tool to smuggle arms and money into Somalia, and to pursue it’s questionable war on terrorism.

Yes, there are Islam groups within Somalia battling for control, normally of relatively limited areas, but those are mostly minor skirmishes, nothing like the full-blown wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It would appear that most of the few car bombings and other actions within Somalia are the result of Somali’s defending themselves against the outside interference. Watch the occasional articles about Somalia, it is almost always just that. Hell, Somalia is 99% Islam!? There are numerous sects battling amongst themselves,? No different than the hostilities between Christian sects, is it?? How is that different than the in Somalia? In our view the foreign intruders have no business there whatsoever, and are the largest cause of the troubles.

Some while back I republished an outstanding article by Peter T. Leeson called “StateLess”   — how Somalia works without government.  It will take a bit longer, but surely worth the read!  Discussion of anything about Somalia is encouraged and welcome.

Peter T. Leeson


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