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Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

Up and at ’em, folks.? Time to get ready.? Time to have things squared away.? All the experts tell us that we, the nation, the economy, is going to crash, and that it very well may be soon.? Many people are as prepared as they can possibly be, and some have done no preparation at all.

I think that many people don’t think about and consider all that could happen, that could be possible.? Most of us haven’t found ourselves in the position we very well may experience as a result of irresponsible people minding the store in Washington D.C.? I won’t go into all that’s been done to place us at this juncture – readers know as much about that as I do.

There may be total chaos.? There may be shortages.? Utilities may shut down.? Banks will probably be closed down.? Money may or may not be available for use and may or may not be accepted for any payment.? Jobs may be there or may not be there.? Social Security checks, retirement checks, pay checks may or may not be available.? Panic can ensue.

Friends, we may be on the edge of a precipice from which we can dive into and battle, or one from which we can jump, willing ourselves to death from despair.?? Please let’s do the first – dive into and do battle with the events that unfold.

I believe the first and most important thing is to accept the knowledge that the unbelievable may happen.? Be as prepared as possible.? Have non-perishable food stored up, as well as drinking water.? And don’t forget paper products as well as necessary and first aid medicines and supplies.? Have enough to last at least several weeks…….eventually someone will have some things back into business and under some form of control.

Common sense tells me that there will be many who did not or could not make these preparations, and that if the worst comes to worst, they will be going from door to door to obtain what they can to survive.? Eventually there may be some who will be desperate for food.? I am in no position to tell others what to do, but I do feel that you and yours are your primary responsibility to look after and protect.? It is generous to share with those who have not prepared, and I may find myself sharing some, but I will stop short of denying my own family or myself in order to help those who chose not to help themselves while they could.? I believe this may be one of the hardest things you may have ever thought about doing – possibly denying someone in dire need of food.? It is a good idea for every adult to have weapons and ammunition.? One may need to hunt, and one may have to protect himself from those trying to steal from his family.? It’s possible things can get rough, really rough.? Just be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones.

I suggest you arrange ahead of time a circle of friends, people who think somewhat along the same lines as you, on whom you can rely for help of various sorts.? They need to be able to place the same reliance on you as well.? I believe the elderly, the ill, and fatherless families will be at the greatest risk, and I cannot stress enough that these need to know in advance where their best chances of survival are.? People in cities will possibly be at greater risk too, namely because of the sheer numbers of people and the numbers who rely on others for their income.? Some have relied on others their entire lives, and a total collapse could change that in a heartbeat, and I would expect malaise initially, then panic when reality sets in.??? Remember the New Orleans’ flood with the hurricane?? Remember all the people who wouldn’t do as suggested?? Remember those who sat around while flooding finally denied them access to an escape method?

Those of you who don’t have close friends in your area, there’s still time to make some friends.? Another thing you might consider is sharing your property with some others in exchange for their help and assistance in meeting all the needs? of the group.? My family falls within this category – no family really close and no close friends yet (recent move took us away from family and friends).? We have told our kids who live in cities, that when it happens, they are to head to our place, and together we will all survive and still have decent lives.? We have also invited an older lady who is alone to come stay on our property in her RV.

Gardens are greatly encouraged, and as we have an Arizona room which faces south and the wall is almost all glass,? we plan to convert it into a hot house for veggies and fruit.

What will probably be of value are things that can be bartered, traded for something you need.? Barter items could consist of all sorts of things – use your imagination.? These things may be more important than money as our money is not backed with anything.? Funny and ironic that a loaf of bread has more value than an American $100.00 bill today.

If you find yourself in trouble along these lines, and are unable to find an answer, please contact us through, and we will try to find your solution.

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  1. You know I very seldom buy bread because of health reasons.But the thought just occured to me that I don’t have to eat it in order to use it.Of course by the time we get down to bartering, I’ll be eating it too.
    Antway a 50 lb.sack of flour will most likely come in handy.

  2. I do envy that Arizona room.Living up here ,even in the summer you can’t really count on growing a lot.

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