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We American Citizens HAVE Legal Standing!

Some of the lawsuits brought to court to make Barack Obama provide his birth certificate have been declined by judges because? the plaintiff? DID NOT HAVING STANDING.? As I understand it, “no standing” in this case means the plaintiff can show no damage.? Oh, Mr. Judge, I beg to differ.? We have suffered immeasurable damage.

I maintain this is a lame finding, a reckless finding, a biased finding, and an insult to intelligent people everywhere.? This finding is, in my non-legal opinion, ridiculous and a method of denying us our constitutional right to challenge a person elected by the people in good faith, but who has delivered no good faith in return.? He was elected on nothing but lies and misstatements.? These may have been unplanned, but the end result is the same as if they were planned.?? This President is the most unpresidential person to ever occupy the Oval Office, and half the country questions his citizenship, for goodness’ sake.? All the man would have to do to settle this is to show his long form birth certificate, but he has chosen to? keep it secret.? Mr. Judge, President Obama is not leadership material, never was, but accidentally got elected, and a large segment of the population is concerned the country cannot outlive his 4 year tenure.? If our country disappears, Mr. Judge,? we will know it was because of Mr. Obama and his coterie of know-nothing advisers who would not listen to those who know better.? We did not buy into this nightmare, and by denying a day in court re this, you are enabling Mr. Obama to do his will and accomplish what we don’t need.

The Washington Examiner points out that “Obama?s current spending proposals, Republicans point out, will cost more than the United States spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the general war on terror and Hurricane Katrina in the last seven years. And that?s before you throw in the $2 trillion fiscal stabilization plan.”? Experts tell us that our economic system may completely collapse as a result of so much debt racked up by the U.S. Congress, a LARGE part of it being amassed during the two first years of the Obama Administration.? If this is not damage to American citizens, I cannot imagine what would constitute damage.

President Obama and the Democrat Congress have driven manufacturers and their companies out of the country.? Unemployment is terribly high, and Obama sets up a stimulus – primarily for GOVERNMENT JOBS, which add nothing to the economy, but instead robs the economy.? Mr. Judge, there are people, and I am one of them, who think our President has deliberately done additional damage to the employment picture by virtue of using the stimulus in the absolute wrong way.

Mr. Obama just TOOK OVER GENERAL MOTORS.? Unprecedented in America.? Now I am told he claims he will hold anyone he chooses in Gitmo, even if found not guilty, for life.? Is this the gutter to which? our justice system has sunk?? Is there no one in authority who can or will see what the average American clearly sees?? Or is everyone in authority determined to maintain that authority and let the rest of us “eat cake”?

Obama’s Department of Justice is anything BUT.? Voters are harassed at polling places by members of ACORN, and the Attorney General decided to not prosecute.? A policeman does his duty, and Obama, before he knew anything about the circumstances, accused the policeman of being a racist.? The southern border states have been under great duress because they are inundated with illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartels, so, since the federal government wouldn’t uphold their laws, Arizona passes a law practically identical with the federal immigration law – and Obama sues Arizona.? Who in the world ever heard of such ludicrous behavior on the part of a United States President?

Obama was determined we would have universal health coverage, and his Democrat Congress shoved it through in spite of massive objections.? Republicans only input was to agree to the Democrat plan or shut up.? This will do, already is doing massive harm to the best health system in the world, and only the people who cannot get the hang of logic think it is a good deal.? People are angry.? Obama has hired so many “czars” at goodness’ knows how much salary, and a good portion of them hate the American form of government and are pushing to change it into some type of collectivism.? I doubt even THEY know what form of government they seek – they are simply determined to collect the money that others make by the sweat of their brow, and as long as that happens and they can rule over the public, they’ll be somewhat happy, no matter what their government is called.

The country is bankrupt, the American people did not do it.? Congress did it, but much of the worst spending was at Obama’s behest and was for questionable things – such as massive bail-outs that most of the country did not want to happen.? Bailout money went to groups the American public at large is not fond of.? This is money we are over taxed so the Congress can feel good about itself.? It isn’t worth it.? Mr. Obama has a bias about decent people.? His friends and cohorts are not people most of us would want in our homes.? As an individual that is his business, however, he resides in the White House, which WE pay for.? He has servants WE pay for.? He travels and his wife travels and we pay for those travels.? He is an empty suit and doesn’t seem to have a clue how a country must be run.? Even many of his die-hard supporters are now questioning his judgement.

Mr. Judge, do not say the average American citizen has no standing.? That is not the truth.? No one believes that, and the American citizen WILL have his day in court, either in a courtroom, or in a tavern.? Mr. Judge, the public is concerned that America is disappearing before our very eyes, and we have been patient enough that no one has raised a finger in defiance, and all of us hope no one will.? But humans are humans, Mr. Judge, and humans can be pushed back against the wall only so far before they lose control.? Our founders set up our government just so this sort of thing could not happen – yet, because of recklessness, because of corruption, because of unequal treatment, we stand on the threshold of having to choose between our country and our government leaders.? It is, after all, OUR country that is being mucked up, and we won’t tolerate it much longer without a LOT of noise.


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  1. Thank you for this! Discussion about “standing” fits right in with where I’m headed with my next article. I’ll ship this on to Sodahead next.

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