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Action: Lawsuit for Order that OBAMA show proof!

For over 3 years now we have watched suit after suit fail, because everyone is asking the court to verify little pieces of paper, which no court has chosen to accept.? The second problem has been “Standing”, IOW a plaintiff must show he was “damaged”.? Who amongst the citizenry has NOT been damaged by unconstitutional laws, by deficits and debt, and by loss of freedoms?

I shall go no further here on the reasons, because anyone can read all those all over the www for days on end.? Again, tho, you won’t hear this on LSM!

So far as we know, the proof is locked up in vaults by orders sealing records.? Almost certainly Pseudo-Prez Obama has everything required to prove who he is, or who he is not.? Why would he not show those and put this all to rest?? There is only one answer to that!

So how do we get to the proof?? For months I’ve suggested sending a SWAT team or such, but alas, no takers.

Just ask a court to order that man himself, Barack Hussein Obama, aka Soetoro, to deliver both his full BC and his proof of citizenship.

Here at NoRuler we are in contact with an attorney whom “Birthers” will recognize.? He sounds very positive and is considering handling a new lawsuit with this target.? It may be a class-action suit, as every citizen has been damaged and thereby has “standing”.? Either way, expect us to be heavily involved in fundraising.? We’ll keep subscribers and others apprised.

Update:? I have removed the poll originally below, because it was a crappy addin.

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  1. Here you go! Is this the nail in the coffin?

    1. The BC on your link sure looks legit. We hope to get this suit together and get an order that Obama prove his birthplace – maybe this will show up then. I’d bet tho that Obama will not produce, will be jailed for contempt for the rest of his life. Then we’ll still have to somehow get a further judgment that his default proves he’s not eligible and therefore is OUT!

  2. I support this action. If we are tenacious enough, just maybe our voices may be heard. It amazes me that we must take such action in order to know if our sitting President is eligible to be President. I think our political parties have been criminally negligent in allowing such a candidacy to go forward without making sure all the candidates were in fact eligible. Blows my mind that such carelessness was done for this important a job. I would fire everybody in authority in our government if I had the authority to do so. For criminal negligence.

    1. On that “criminally negligent”, that’s for sure! It just may come to be that the lawsuit would INCLUDE the entire congress which was seated at election2008. I have no doubt that may well include the Democrats who filed Obama’s certifications in every state!

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