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Mexican Borders and…

Today I Googled trying to learn the cost of building the border fence between Mexico and the USA, for California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  Guess what, nobody knows!  Often we see estimates of $70 million per mile, and $40 billion total to built and maintain for 25 years.  Wikipedia:  “The border’s total length is 1,969 miles” which multiplied by $70 million per mile would add up to $137,830,000,000.  Hey, that’s 137.83 BILLION dollars!

So why is it so important to have this fence and add this ‘nuther big chunk to the debt?

  • Illegal immigration
  • The cost to the USA to support such immigrants – schools, health care…
  • Reduce the present costs of customs, border patrols, national guard…
  • Smuggling illegal drugs
  • Other: (you tell us!)

There MUST be some better answers to this, huh?  Without intending to propose anything, perhaps…

  • Simply annex Mexico and grant statehood to it’s several states.
    But then please finally adopt American English as our official language
  • Legalize drugs, which would render drugs so cheap as to be not worth smuggling.
    I don’t use drugs, but I do try to regain freedom.
  • Other (you tell us!)

Which brings me to a question which haunts me…

How might we accomplish eliminating national borders throughout this world, without further compromising individual freedom?

The United Nations is not an acceptable solution, merely adding yet another level of force, further removing us from personal control of our own rights, freedoms and choices.

I’m just putting this out here because what we’re doing makes isn’t working, makes no sense, and is costing us barrels of money.  We need to find direction which expands freedom.  Let’s hear from you.

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