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Congress: DEMAND that Birth Certificate!

Everyone with a bit of brain knows that Obama will never release any proof of either his birthplace or his citizenship.? Why?? Because then he’d be out of our White House in a heartbeat!

For at least 3 years now this question has been raised by millions of the citizens, lawsuits have been filed in abundance, all seeking to verify this or that piece of paper, and nothing has been won.

WE THE PEOPLE do not have to prove or disprove his citizenship.? That is up to Obama the Pseudo-Prez to prove his right to live in our White House at our expense.? Now will someone please explain why NONE of the 535 members of Congress will simply stand up in their Hallowed Halls and DEMAND that Obama show proof?

obama birth certificate Congress:  DEMAND that Birth Certificate!

BC of Pseudo-Prez

Now this little article sitting here all alone will not get this job done, but together are we not able to get one, or maybe even many, of our congresspeople to do the right thing?? To either make this Demand or to being Impeachment?? Sure we can.? Will we?

We MUST make Demand upon every Member of Congress, by phone or fax or even email.? Either write your own, or simply pass this article along.? If YOU don’t do it, who will?

You can find your all your congresspeople HERE, usually with only typing your zipcode.

Or, you can find all your State congresspeople HERE, from which you can click to their websites.

Or, find a way of email contact for all your State congresspeople HERE

Guaranteed that you’ll soon learn who to vote for if next time comes around!

p.s. All these links work, but if someone has better, please comment with those!

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  1. I so agree with Striker. ACTION is needed. The people who represent us have a monumental task – IF they even do it. My belief is that they are too intimidated and too ingrained with “taking the high road” that they, as usual, are letting the Democrats tap dance on their backs.

    We have to flood their offices, keep their phone lines busy, and fill their email in-boxes. We have to support those who support us.

    We have to vote when there’s any election, and we need to know exactly who and what we are voting for. That takes a little effort. Effort we must take if we don’t want the same mistake repeated. I believe our primary goal should be that WE define the issues and stop allowing the Progressives to do the defining. They are good at that, and we have to do it better!

  2. There are sooooooo many things about which we love to whine and bitch.

    Only Action has a hope of fixing anything. Please, take Action. When we complain, suggest an Action!

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