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Guilty when Proven Innocent?

Listen to this from Judge Napolitano, and allow the words to register.
We MUST get rid of this Dictator in Chief, lest all of us be tucked away, never to be heard from again!

WHERE is ANY Congressperson standing up and making demand for Obama’s proof of citizenship?

WHY has NO Congressperson filed to simply ask the court to order that Obama submit such proof within 10 days? Would not anyone in Congress automatically have “standing”?

Folks, Did Vote2012 fix Anything?  LOL

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  1. I agree that the fact that more elected officials aren’t making Obama’s eligibility a priority issue is a big problem, but let’s give some credit where due, and that is with Louisiana Senator David Vitter.

    The full-length response to your post is here: David Vitter, Jerome Corsi and Obama’s Eligibility

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