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Irwin Schiff – NO LAW requires that you pay taxes

In a remarkable video, Irwin Schiff asserts and convincingly shows that there  is NO law requiring you to pay income tax.  Not only that, he discusses the applicable Constitutional Amendments and the total absence of Laws and HOW to deal with the IRS.

However, I cannot in good conscience hide his website from you:

So YES YOU CAN stop filing;
YOU CAN stop paying;
YOU CAN stop withholding income taxes!
Join the Tax-Strike!

You SHOULD stop taxes, because by paying taxes you are supporting government which ignores your Constitution and negates your personal rights and liberty. America has entirely lost it’s sense of the morality of personal freedom, and so long as people allow themselves to be conned into paying taxes, America will collapse without hope of recovery back to freedom.

The video in on my webpage – Irwin Schiff

Watch closely, and be prepared to take notes!

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